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The ESRC funded Educated Brain seminar series comprised interdisciplinary seminars/workshops designed to share recent findings from neuroscience that are important for education and engage policy-makers with the emerging field of educational neuroscience in ways that are effective and meaningful.

This seminar series brought together a variety of stakeholders, including researchers in educational/cognitive neuroscience, teachers and policy-makers to understand theoretical issues as well as policy and practice implications.

This series is unique in that it is supported and coordinated by three University of Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Centres and Strategic Research Initiatives: Cambridge Neuroscience, Cambridge Public Policy and Cambridge Language Sciences.

Objectives of the Educated Brain Seminar Series:

  • Provide the context for inter-disciplinary conversations to occur amongst researchers from the wide variety of disciplines that could impact upon an educational neuroscience
  • Engage policy-makers, educators and teachers from outside of academia with this research, both in terms of participating directly in our seminars and from access to the policy briefs that are prepared alongside each seminar
  • Provide opportunities for early career researchers (e.g., PhD students, Post-Docs) to be trained and mentored in policy brief writing as well as to provide opportunities for them to interact with policy makers
seminar 1
Seminar 1
Infancy and Early Childhood
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seminar 2
Seminar 2
Late Childhood and Adolescence
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seminar 3
Seminar 3
Effectively translating neuroscience for teaching practice: opportunities and next steps
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Policy event @ Westminster
Policy event @ Westminster*
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