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The 859 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Abbadi RA, Sadat U, Jah A, Praseedom RK, Jamieson NV, Cheow HK, Whitley S, Ford HE, Wilson CB, Harper SJ, Huguet EL (2014), “Improved long-term survival after resection of colorectal liver metastases following staging with FDG positron emission tomography.” J Surg Oncol Details Umar Sadat

Abdul-Hamid S, Denman C, Dudas RB (2014), “Self-Relevant Disgust and Self-Harm Urges in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression: A Pilot Study with a Newly Designed Psychological Challenge.” PLoS One 9(6):e99696 Details Robert Dudas

Abuhamdeh, S., Csikszentmihalyi, M., & Jalal, B. (2014), “Enjoying the possibility of defeat: Outcome uncertainty, suspense, and intrinsic motivation. ” Motivation and Emotion 39(1), 1-10. Baland Jalal

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Adapa RM, Davis MH, Stamatakis EA, Absalom AR, Menon DK (2014), “Neural correlates of successful semantic processing during propofol sedation” Hum Brain Mapp 35(7):2935-49 Emmanuel A Stamatakis

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Ahmed Z, Cooper J, Murray TK, Garn K, McNaughton E, Clarke H, Parhizkar S, Ward MA, Cavallini A, Jackson S, Bose S, Clavaguera F, Tolnay M, Lavenir I, Goedert M, Hutton ML, O'Neill MJ (2014), “A novel in vivo model of tau propagation with rapid and progressive neurofibrillary tangle pathology: the pattern of spread is determined by connectivity, not proximity.” Acta Neuropathol 127(5):667-83 Details Michel Goedert

Al-Sayegh AM, Tariq A, Kirmani A, Mann S, Hammond CJ, Mahroo OA (2014), “Assessing pan-retinal cone function following ranibizumab treatment for diabetic macular edema by recording the photopic electroretinogram” ARVO Meeting abstracts 55: 1763 Omar Mahroo

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Alexander SK, Rittman T, Xuereb JH, Bak TH, Hodges JR, Rowe JB (2014), “Validation of the new consensus criteria for the diagnosis of corticobasal degeneration.” J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry Details James B. Rowe, Timothy Rittman

Alexander-Bloch AF, Reiss PT, Rapoport J, McAdams H, Giedd JN, Bullmore ET, Gogtay N (2014), “Abnormal Cortical Growth in Schizophrenia Targets Normative Modules of Synchronized Development.” Biol Psychiatry Details Ed Bullmore

Ali FR, Cheng K, Kirwan P, Metcalfe S, Livesey FJ, Barker RA Philpott A (2014), “The phosphorylation status of Ascl1 is a key determinant of neuronal differentiation and maturation in vivo and in vitro” Development 141, 2216-2224 Anna Philpott

Ali FR, Cheng K, Kirwan P, Metcalfe S, Livesey FJ, Barker RA, Philpott A (2014), “The phosphorylation status of Ascl1 is a key determinant of neuronal differentiation and maturation in vivo and in vitro.” Development Details Anna Philpott, Roger Barker

Almeida AD, Boije H, Chow RW, He J, Tham J, Suzuki SC, Harris WA (2014), “Spectrum of Fates: a new approach to the study of the developing zebrafish retina.” Development 141(9):1971-80 Details William Harris

Alsiö J, Rask-Andersen M, Chavan RA, Olszewski PK, Levine AS, Fredriksson R, Schiöth HB (2014), “Exposure to a high-fat high-sugar diet causes strong up-regulation of proopiomelanocortin and differentially affects dopamine D1 and D2 receptor gene expression in the brainstem of rats.” Neurosci Lett 559:18-23 Details Johan Alsiö

Alstott J, Bullmore E, Plenz D (2014), “powerlaw: A Python Package for Analysis of Heavy-Tailed Distributions.” PLoS One 9(1):e85777 Details Ed Bullmore

Alstott J, Panzarasa P, Rubinov M, Bullmore ET, Vértes PE (2014), “A unifying framework for measuring weighted rich clubs.” Sci Rep 4:7258 Details Ed Bullmore, Petra Vertes

Alves JN, Muir EM, Andrews MR, Ward A, Michelmore N, Dasgupta D, Verhaagen J, Moloney EB, Keynes RJ, Fawcett JW, Rogers JH (2014), “AAV vector-mediated secretion of chondroitinase provides a sensitive tracer for axonal arborisations.” J Neurosci Methods 227:107-20 Details James Fawcett

Amone-P'olak K, Ovuga E, Croudace TJ, Jones PB, Abbott R (2014), “The influence of different types of war experiences on depression and anxiety in a Ugandan cohort of war-affected youth: the WAYS study.” Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol Details Peter Jones

Amone-P'olak K, Stochl J, Ovuga E, Abbott R, Meiser-Stedman R, Croudace TJ, Jones PB (2014), “Postwar environment and long-term mental health problems in former child soldiers in Northern Uganda: the WAYS study.” J Epidemiol Community Health Details Jan Stochl, Peter Jones

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Andres Roman-Urrestarazu, Graham K Murray, Anna Barnes, Jouko Miettunen, Erika Jääskeläinen, Pirjo Mäki, Juha Nikkinen, Jukka Remes, Sari Mukkala, Jenni Koivukangas, Markus Heinimaa, Irma Moilanen, John Suckling, Vesa Kiviniemi, Peter B Jones, Juha Veijola (2014), “Brain structure in different psychosis risk groups in the Northern Finland 1986 birth cohort.” Schizophr. Res. Mar 24;153(1-3):143-9 Andres Roman-Urrestarazu

Ansquer S, Belin-Rauscent A, Dugast E, Duran T, Benatru I, Mar AC, Houeto JL, Belin D (2014), “Atomoxetine decreases vulnerability to develop compulsivity in high impulsive rats.” Biol Psychiatry 75(10):825-32 Details David Belin, Aude Belin-Rauscent

Araya C, Tawk M, Girdler GC, Costa M, Carmona-Fontaine C, Clarke JD (2014), “Mesoderm is required for coordinated cell movements within zebrafish neural plate in vivo.” Neural Dev 9(1):9 Details Marta Costa

Aron AR, Robbins TW, Poldrack RA (2014), “Inhibition and the right inferior frontal cortex: one decade on.” Trends Cogn Sci 18(4):177-85 Details Trevor Robbins

Arosio P, Vendruscolo M, Dobson CM, Knowles TP (2014), “Chemical kinetics for drug discovery to combat protein aggregation diseases.” Trends Pharmacol Sci Details Michele Vendruscolo

Astle DE, Harvey H, Stokes M, Mohseni H, Nobre AC, Scerif G (2014), “Distinct neural mechanisms of individual and developmental differences in VSTM capacity.” Dev Psychobiol 56(4):601-10 Details Duncan Astle

Azzopardi L, Thompson SA, Harding KE, Cossburn M, Robertson N, Compston A, Coles AJ, Jones JL (2014), “Predicting autoimmunity after alemtuzumab treatment of multiple sclerosis.” J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 85(7):795-8 Details Alasdair Coles, Joanne Jones

Banca P, Vestergaard MD, Rankov V, Baek K, Mitchell S, Lapa T, Castelo-Branco M, Voon V (2014), “Evidence Accumulation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: the Role of Uncertainty and Monetary Reward on Perceptual Decision-Making Thresholds.” Neuropsychopharmacology Details Valerie Voon

Banerjee A, González-Rueda A, Sampaio-Baptista C, Paulsen O, Rodríguez-Moreno A (2014), “Distinct mechanisms of spike timing-dependent LTD at vertical and horizontal inputs onto L2/3 pyramidal neurons in mouse barrel cortex.” Physiol Rep 2(3):e00271 Details Ole Paulsen

Barbera M, di Pietro M, Walker E, Brierley C, Macrae S, Simons BD, Jones PH, Stingl J, Fitzgerald RC (2014), “The human squamous oesophagus has widespread capacity for clonal expansion from cells at diverse stages of differentiation.” Gut Details Ben Simons

Bareham CA, Manly T, Pustovaya OV, Scott SK, Bekinschtein TA (2014), “Losing the left side of the world: Rightward shift in human spatial attention with sleep onset.” Sci Rep 4:5092 Details Tom Manly, Tristan Bekinschtein

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Barnett JH, Lewis L, Blackwell AD, Taylor M (2014), “Early intervention in Alzheimer's disease: a health economic study of the effects of diagnostic timing.” BMC Neurol 14:101 Details Jennifer Barnett

Baron JC, Farid K, Dolan E, Turc G, Marrapu ST, O'Brien E, Aigbirhio FI, Fryer TD, Menon DK, Warburton EA, Hong YT (2014), “Diagnostic utility of amyloid PET in cerebral amyloid angiopathy-related symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage.” J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 34(5):753-8 Details David Menon, Tim Fryer, Young T. Hong, Franklin Aigbirhio, Jean-Claude Baron, Elizabeth Warburton

Baron JC, Yamauchi H, Fujioka M, Endres M (2014), “Selective neuronal loss in ischemic stroke and cerebrovascular disease.” J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 34(1):2-18 Details Jean-Claude Baron

Baron-Cohen S, Auyeung B, Nørgaard-Pedersen B, Hougaard DM, Abdallah MW, Melgaard L, Cohen AS, Chakrabarti B, Ruta L, Lombardo MV (2014), “Elevated fetal steroidogenic activity in autism.” Mol Psychiatry Details Bhismadev Chakrabarti

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Baron-Cohen S, Murphy L, Chakrabarti B, Craig I, Mallya U, Lakatošová S, Rehnstrom K, Peltonen L, Wheelwright S, Allison C, Fisher SE, Warrier V (2014), “A genome wide association study of mathematical ability reveals an association at chromosome 3q29, a locus associated with autism and learning difficulties: a preliminary study.” PLoS One 9(5):e96374 Details Varun Warrier, Simon Baron-Cohen, Bhismadev Chakrabarti

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BENNETT H, MOK HP, GKRANIA-KLOTSAS E, TSAI IJ, STANLEY EJ, ANTOUN,COGLAN A, HARSHA B, TRAINI A, RIBEIRO DM, STEWINBASS S, LUCAS SB, ALLINSON KSJ, PRICE SJ, SANTARIUS TS, CARMICHAEL AJ, CHIODINI PL, HOLROYD N, DEAN AF, BERRIMAN M (2014), “The genome of the sparganosis tapeworm Spirometra erinaceieuropaei isolated from the biopsy of a migrating brain lesion ” Genome Research 15: 510 Andrew Dean

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