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The 248 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Alexander GM, Packard MG, Hines M (1994), “Testosterone has rewarding affective properties in male rats: implications for the biological basis of sexual motivation.” Behav Neurosci 108(2):424-8 Details Melissa Hines

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Balleine B, Dickinson A (1994), “Role of cholecystokinin in the motivational control of instrumental action in rats.” Behav Neurosci 108(3):590-605 Details Anthony Dickinson

Balogh S, Gönczy T, Bujdosó R, Kullmann L (1994), “New walking aid for primary mobilization of an infant with deficiency of all four limbs.” Prosthet Orthot Int 18(1):49-51 Details Raymond Bujdoso

Baron-Cohen S (1994), “How to build a baby that can read minds: Cognitive mechanisms in mindreading” Cahiers de Psychologic Cognitive (Current Psychology of Cognition) 13(5):513-552 PDF Simon Baron-Cohen

Baron-Cohen S (1994), “The Mindreading System: New directions for research” Cahiers de Psychologic Cognitive (Current Psychology of Cognition) 13(5):724-750 PDF Simon Baron-Cohen

Baron-Cohen S, Cross P, Crowson M, Robertson M (1994), “Can children with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome edit their intentions?” Psychol Med 24(1):29-40 PDF Details Simon Baron-Cohen

Baron-Cohen S, Goodhart F (1994), “The 'seeing leads to knowing' deficit in autism: The Pratt and Bryant probe” British Journal of Developmental Psychology 12:397-402 PDF Simon Baron-Cohen

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Baron-Cohen S, Staunton R (1994), “Do children with autism acquire the phonology of their peers? An examination of group identification through the window of bilingualism” First Language 14:241-248 PDF Simon Baron-Cohen

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Burns LH, Everitt BJ, Robbins TW (1994), “Intra-amygdala infusion of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist AP5 impairs acquisition but not performance of discriminated approach to an appetitive CS.” Behav Neural Biol 61(3):242-50 Details Barry Everitt , Trevor Robbins

Carlyon RP (1994), “Further evidence against an across-frequency mechanism specific to the detection of frequency modulation (FM) incoherence between resolved frequency components.” J Acoust Soc Am 95(2):949-61 Details Bob Carlyon

Carlyon RP (1994), “Detecting pitch-pulse asynchronies and differences in fundamental frequency.” J Acoust Soc Am 95(2):968-79 Details Bob Carlyon

Carlyon RP (1994), “Detecting mistuning in the presence of synchronous and asynchronous interfering sounds.” J Acoust Soc Am 95(5 Pt 1):2622-30 Details Bob Carlyon

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