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The 145 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Adams RJ, Pollard TD (1989), “Membrane-bound myosin-I provides new mechanisms in cell motility.” Cell Motil Cytoskeleton 14(2):178-82 Details Richard Adams

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Baron-Cohen S (1989), “The autistic child's theory of mind: a case of specific developmental delay.” J Child Psychol Psychiatry 30(2):285-97 PDF Details Simon Baron-Cohen

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Baron-Cohen S (1989), “Do autistic children have obsessions and compulsions?” Br J Clin Psychol 28 ( Pt 3):193-200 PDF Details Simon Baron-Cohen

Baron-Cohen S (1989), “Do autistic children have obsessions and compulsions?” British Journal of Clinical Psychology 28:193-200 PDF Simon Baron-Cohen

Baron-Cohen S (1989), “Joint-attention deficits in autism: Towards a cognitive analysis” Development and Psychopathology 1:185-189 PDF Simon Baron-Cohen

Baron-Cohen S (1989), “Perceptual role taking and protodeclarative pointing in autism” British Journal of Developmental Psychology 7:113-127 PDF Simon Baron-Cohen

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Brown VJ, Robbins TW (1989), “Elementary processes of response selection mediated by distinct regions of the striatum.” J Neurosci 9(11):3760-5 Details Trevor Robbins

Brown VJ, Robbins TW (1989), “Deficits in response space following unilateral striatal dopamine depletion in the rat.” J Neurosci 9(3):983-9 Details Trevor Robbins

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Carlyon RP (1989), “Changes in the masked thresholds of brief tones produced by prior bursts of noise.” Hear Res 41(2-3):223-35 Details Bob Carlyon

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Evenden JL, Marston HM, Jones GH, Giardini V, Lenard L, Everitt BJ, Robbins TW (1989), “Effects of excitotoxic lesions of the substantia innominata, ventral and dorsal globus pallidus on visual discrimination acquisition, performance and reversal in the rat.” Behav Brain Res 32(2):129-49 Details Barry Everitt , Trevor Robbins

Everitt BJ, Cador M, Robbins TW (1989), “Interactions between the amygdala and ventral striatum in stimulus-reward associations: studies using a second-order schedule of sexual reinforcement.” Neuroscience 30(1):63-75 Details Barry Everitt , Trevor Robbins

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