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The 58 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Baron-Cohen S, Leslie AM, Frith U (1985), “Does the autistic child have a "theory of mind"?” Cognition 21(1):37-46 PDF Details Simon Baron-Cohen

Barton MA, and Broom DM (1985), “Social factors affecting the performance of teat-fed calves. ” Anim. Prod. 40, 525 (Abstr.) PDF Donald Broom

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Berrios GE (1985), “The psychopathology of affectivity: conceptual and historical aspects.” Psychol Med 15(4):745-58 Details German Berrios

Berrios GE (1985), “Delusional parasitosis and physical disease.” Compr Psychiatry 26(5):395-403 Details German Berrios

Berrios GE (1985), “Presbyophrenia: clinical aspects.” Br J Psychiatry 147:76-9 Details German Berrios

Berrios GE, Brook P (1985), “Delusions and the psychopathology of the elderly with dementia.” Acta Psychiatr Scand 72(3):296-301 Details German Berrios

Berrios GE, Leysen A, Samuel C, Dowson J (1985), “Psychiatric morbidity following total and partial thyroidectomy.” Acta Psychiatr Scand 72(4):369-73 Details German Berrios

Bowmaker JK, Jacobs GH, Spiegelhalter DJ, Mollon JD (1985), “Two types of trichromatic squirrel monkey share a pigment in the red-green spectral region.” Vision Res 25(12):1937-46 Details John Mollon

Brand AH, Breeden L, Abraham J, Sternglanz R, Nasmyth K (1985), “Characterization of a "silencer" in yeast: a DNA sequence with properties opposite to those of a transcriptional enhancer.” Cell 41(1):41-8 Details Andrea Brand

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Carli M, Evenden JL, Robbins TW (1985), “Depletion of unilateral striatal dopamine impairs initiation of contralateral actions and not sensory attention.” Nature 313(6004):679-82 Details Trevor Robbins

Cook GM, Bellairs R, Rutherford NG, Stafford CA, Alderson T (1985), “Isolation, characterization and localization of a lectin within the vitelline membrane of the hen's egg.” J Embryol Exp Morphol 90:389-407 Details Geoffrey Cook

Curzon G, Hutson PH, Kantamaneni BD, Sahakian BJ, Sarna GS (1985), “3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethylamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine metabolism in the rat: acidic metabolites in cisternal cerebrospinal fluid before and after giving probenecid.” J Neurochem 45(2):508-13 Details Barbara Sahakian

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Emson PC, Horsfield PM, Goedert M, Rossor MN, Hawkes CH (1985), “Neurotensin in human brain: regional distribution and effects of neurological illness.” Brain Res 347(2):239-44 Details Michel Goedert

Evenden JL, Robbins TW (1985), “The effects of d-amphetamine, chlordiazepoxide and alpha-flupenthixol on food-reinforced tracking of a visual stimulus by rats.” Psychopharmacology (Berl) 85(3):361-6 Details Trevor Robbins

Farquharson RG, Compston A, Bloom AL (1985), “Lupus anticoagulant: a place for pre-pregnancy treatment?” Lancet 2(8459):842-3 Details Alastair Compston

Fazlul Haque, A.K.M. and Broom, D.M. (1985), “Experiments comparing the use of kites and gas bangers to protect crops from woodpigeon damage. ” Agric. Ecosystems Environ. 12, 219-228. PDF Donald Broom

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Goedert M, Hunt SP, Mantyh PW, Emson PC (1985), “The ontogenetic development of neurotensin-like immunoreactivity and neurotensin receptors in the cat striatum.” Brain Res 352(1):127-31 Details Michel Goedert

Goedert M, Iversen SD, Emson PC (1985), “The effects of chronic neuroleptic treatment on neurotensin-like immunoreactivity in the rat central nervous system.” Brain Res 335(2):334-6 Details Michel Goedert

Goedert M, Lightman SL, Mantyh PW, Hunt SP, Emson PC (1985), “Neurotensin-like immunoreactivity and neurotensin receptors in the rat hypothalamus and in the neurointermediate lobe of the pituitary gland.” Brain Res 358(1-2):59-69 Details Michel Goedert

Goedert M, Schwartz WN, Williams BJ (1985), “The comparative distribution of [Lys8-Asn9]-neurotensin8-13-like immunoreactivity in chicken and rat tissues.” Brain Res 342(2):259-65 Details Michel Goedert

Harris WA (1985), “Genetics and development of the nervous system.” J Neurogenet 2(3):179-96 Details William Harris

Harris WA, Holt CE, Smith TA, Gallenson N (1985), “Growth cones of developing retinal cells in vivo, on culture surfaces, and in collagen matrices.” J Neurosci Res 13(1-2):101-22 Details Christine Holt, William Harris

Hastings MH, Herbert J, Martensz ND, Roberts AC (1985), “Melatonin and the brain in photoperiodic mammals.” Ciba Found Symp 117:57-77 Details Angela Roberts

Hastings MH, Roberts AC, Herbert J (1985), “Neurotoxic lesions of the anterior hypothalamus disrupt the photoperiodic but not the circadian system of the Syrian hamster.” Neuroendocrinology 40(4):316-24 Details Angela Roberts

Hines M, Davis FC, Coquelin A, Goy RW, Gorski RA (1985), “Sexually dimorphic regions in the medial preoptic area and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis of the guinea pig brain: a description and an investigation of their relationship to gonadal steroids in adulthood.” J Neurosci 5(1):40-7 Details Melissa Hines

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Lummis SC, Sattelle DB (1985), “Binding of N-[propionyl-3H]propionylated alpha-bungarotoxin and L-[benzilic-4,4'-3H] quinuclidinyl benzilate to CNS extracts of the cockroach Periplaneta americana.” Comp Biochem Physiol C 80(1):75-83 Details Sarah Lummis

Lummis SC, Sattelle DB (1985), “Insect central nervous system gamma-aminobutyric acid.” Neurosci Lett 60(1):13-8 Details Sarah Lummis

Marslen-Wilson WD (1985), “Aspects of human speech understanding.” In F.Fallside & W.A.Woods (Eds.), Computer Speech Processing, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall William Marslen-Wilson

Marslen-Wilson WD (1985), “Speech shadowing and speech comprehension. ” Speech Commun 4: 55-73 William Marslen-Wilson

Moore BC, Glasberg BR (1985), “The danger of using narrow-band noise maskers to measure "suppression".” J Acoust Soc Am 77(6):2137-41 Details Brian Glasberg

Moore BC, Glasberg BR, Hess RF, Birchall JP (1985), “Effects of flanking noise bands on the rate of growth of loudness of tones in normal and recruiting ears.” J Acoust Soc Am 77(4):1505-13 Details Brian Glasberg

Moore BC, Peters RW, Glasberg BR (1985), “Thresholds for the detection of inharmonicity in complex tones.” J Acoust Soc Am 77(5):1861-7 Details Brian Glasberg

Morton AJ (1985), “The effect of reserpine treatment on the extraneuronal uptake of [3H]-isoprenaline into rat atria.” Br J Pharmacol 86(1):287-95 Details Jenny Morton

Reeve JG, Goedert M, Emson PC, Bleehen NM (1985), “Neurotensin in human small cell lung carcinoma.” Recent Results Cancer Res 99:175-6 Details Michel Goedert

Rickmann M, Fawcett JW, Keynes RJ (1985), “The migration of neural crest cells and the growth of motor axons through the rostral half of the chick somite.” J Embryol Exp Morphol 90:437-55 Details Roger Keynes

Roberts AC, Hastings MH, Martensz ND, Herbert J (1985), “Naloxone-induced secretion of LH in the male Syrian hamster: modulation by photoperiod and gonadal steroids.” J Endocrinol 106(2):243-8 Details Angela Roberts

Roberts AC, Martensz ND, Hastings MH, Herbert J (1985), “Changes in photoperiod alter the daily rhythms of pineal melatonin content and hypothalamic beta-endorphin content and the luteinizing hormone response to naloxone in the male Syrian hamster.” Endocrinology 117(1):141-8 Details Angela Roberts

Romo R, Schultz W (1985), “Prolonged changes in dopaminergic terminal excitability and short changes in dopaminergic neuron discharge rate after short peripheral stimulation in monkey.” Neurosci Lett 62(3):335-40 Details Wolfram Schultz

Rust J, Golombok S (1985), “The Golombok-Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction (GRISS).” Br J Clin Psychol 24 ( Pt 1):63-4 Details John Rust

Sahakian BJ, Sarna GS, Kantamaneni BD, Jackson A, Hutson PH, Curzon G (1985), “Association between learning and cortical catecholamines in non-drug-treated rats.” Psychopharmacology (Berl) 86(3):339-43 Details Barbara Sahakian

Schultz W, Studer A, Jonsson G, Sundström E, Mefford I (1985), “Deficits in behavioral initiation and execution processes in monkeys with 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine-induced parkinsonism.” Neurosci Lett 59(2):225-32 Details Wolfram Schultz

Taylor CW (1985), “Calcium regulation in blowflies: absence of a role for midgut.” Am J Physiol 249(2 Pt 2):R209-13 Details Colin Taylor

Taylor CW, Putney JW Jr (1985), “Size of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-sensitive calcium pool in guinea-pig hepatocytes.” Biochem J 232(2):435-8 Details Colin Taylor

Taylor GR, Crow TJ, Carter GI, Gamble SJ (1985), “Cytopathogenic cerebrospinal fluid from neurological and psychiatric patients.” Exp Mol Pathol 42(2):271-7 Details Stephen Gamble

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Toan DL, Schultz W (1985), “Responses of rat pallidum cells to cortex stimulation and effects of altered dopaminergic activity.” Neuroscience 15(3):683-94 Details Wolfram Schultz

Tyler LK (1985), “Real-time comprehension processes in agrammatism: a case study.” Brain Lang 26(2):259-75 Details Lorraine Tyler

Tyler LK, Wessels J (1985), “Is gating an on-line task? Evidence from naming latency data.” Percept Psychophys 38(3):217-22 Details Lorraine Tyler

Wiepkema, P.R., Broom, D.M., Duncan, I.J., van Putten, G. (1985), “Abnormal behavior in farm animals (Abnormaal gedrag van landbouwhuisdieren). same text as EU publ.” Tijdschrift voor diergeneeskunde, 110, 75-82. PDF Donald Broom

Winn P, Robbins TW (1985), “Comparative effects of infusions of 6-hydroxydopamine into nucleus accumbens and anterolateral hypothalamus induced by 6-hydroxydopamine on the response to dopamine agonists, body weight, locomotor activity and measures of exploration in the rat.” Neuropharmacology 24(1):25-31 Details Trevor Robbins