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The 45 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Bate M, Goodman CS, Spitzer NC (1981), “Embryonic development of identified neurons: segment-specific differences in the H cell homologues.” J Neurosci 1(1):103-6 Details Michael Bate

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James WP, Sahakian BJ (1981), “Overgrowth: energetic significance in relation to obesity.” Prog Clin Biol Res 61:25-53 Details Barbara Sahakian

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Marslen-Wilson WD, Tyler LK (1981), “Central processes in speech understanding.” Philos T Roy Soc B B295: 317-332 Lorraine Tyler

Marslen-Wilson WD, Tyler LK (1981), “Central processes in speech understanding.” Philos T Roy Soc B B295: 317-332 William Marslen-Wilson

McCabe BJ, Horn G, Bateson PP (1981), “Effects of restricted lesions of the chick forebrain on the acquisition of filial preferences during imprinting.” Brain Res 205(1):29-37 Details Brian McCabe

Milner J, Milner S (1981), “SV40-53K antigen: a possible role for 53K in normal cells.” Virology 112(2):785-8 Details Su Metcalfe

Moore BC, Glasberg BR (1981), “Auditory filter shapes derived in simultaneous and forward masking.” J Acoust Soc Am 70(4):1003-14 Details Brian Glasberg

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Otten U, Goedert M, Baumann JB, Girard J (1981), “Stimulation of the pituitary-adrenocortical axis and induction of tyrosine hydroxylase by nerve growth factor are not dependent on mouse submaxillary gland isorenin.” Brain Res 217(1):207-11 Details Michel Goedert

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Tolhurst DJ, Thompson ID (1981), “On the variety of spatial frequency selectivities shown by neurons in area 17 of the cat.” Proc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 213(1191):183-99 Details David Tolhurst

Tyler LK (1981), “Serial and interactive-parallel approaches to on-line sentence processing.” Theor Lingusit 8: 29-65 Lorraine Tyler

Tyler LK, Marslen-Wilson WD (1981), “Children's processing of spoken language.” Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behaviour 20: 400-416 Lorraine Tyler

Tyler LK, Marslen-Wilson WD (1981), “Children's processing of spoken language.” Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 20: 400-416 William Marslen-Wilson

Waddington JL, Gamble SJ (1981), “Prolonged dopamine receptor blockade in rats after termination of long-term depot fluphenazine.” Lancet 1(8234):1375-6 Details Stephen Gamble

Waddington JL, Gamble SJ, Bourne RC (1981), “Sequelae of 6 months continuous administration of cis(Z)-and trans(E)-flupenthixol in the rat.” Eur J Pharmacol 69(4):511-3 Details Stephen Gamble

Wooding FB (1981), “Localization of ovine placental lactogen in sheep placentomes by electron microscope immunocytochemistry.” J Reprod Fertil 62(1):15-9 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB, Flint AP, Heap RB, Hobbs T (1981), “Autoradiographic evidence for migration and fusion of cells in the sheep placenta: resolution of a problem in placental classification.” Cell Biol Int Rep 5(8):821-7 Details Peter Wooding