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The 43 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Bowmaker JK, Dartnall HJ, Mollon JD (1980), “Microspectrophotometric demonstration of four classes of photoreceptor in an old world primate, Macaca fascicularis.” J Physiol 298:131-43 Details John Mollon

Broom D M (1980), “Factors affecting the responses of chicks to a novel environmental change.” Appl. Anim. Ethol. 6, 385-586. PDF Donald Broom

Broom DM (1980), “Activity rhythms and position preferences of domestic chicks which can see a moving iobject. ” Anim Behav 28: 201-211 PDF Donald Broom

Broom, D.M.and Johnson, E (1980), “Responsiveness of hand-reared roe deer to odours from skin glands.” J. nat. Hist., 14, 41-47. PDF Donald Broom

Compston DA, Vincent A, Newsom-Davis J, Batchelor JR (1980), “Clinical, pathological, HLA antigen and immunological evidence for disease heterogeneity in myasthenia gravis.” Brain 103(3):579-601 Details Alastair Compston

Crowden, A,E, and Broom, D.M. (1980), “Effects of the eyefluke Diplostomum spathaceum on the behaviour of dace Leuciscus leuciscus. ” Anim. Behav., 28, 287-294. PDF Donald Broom

Culshaw, A.D. and Broom, D.M. (1980), “The imminence of behavioural change and startle response of chicks” Behaviour, 73, 64-76. PDF Donald Broom

Drachman DA, Noffsinger D, Sahakian BJ, Kurdziel S, Fleming P (1980), “Aging, memory, and the cholinergic system: a study of dichotic listening.” Neurobiol Aging 1(1):39-43 Details Barbara Sahakian

Drachman DA, Sahakian BJ (1980), “Memory and cognitive function in the elderly. A preliminary trial of physostigmine.” Arch Neurol 37(10):674-5 Details Barbara Sahakian

Duncan J (1980), “The locus of interference in the perception of simultaneous stimuli.” Psychol Rev 87(3):272-300 Details John Duncan

Forrester, R.C. and Broom, D.M. (1980), “Ongoing behaviour and the startle response of chicks” Behaviour, 73, 51-63. PDF Donald Broom

Frank E, Harris WA, Kennedy MB (1980), “Lysophosphatidyl choline facilitates labeling of CNS projections with horseradish peroxidase.” J Neurosci Methods 2(2):183-9 Details William Harris

Fray PJ, Sahakian BJ, Robbins TW, Koob GF, Iversen SD (1980), “An observational method for quantifying the behavioural effects of dopamine agonists: contrasting effects of d-amphetamine and apomorphine.” Psychopharmacology (Berl) 69(3):253-9 Details Trevor Robbins, Barbara Sahakian

Goedert M, Otten U, Schäfer T, Schwab M, Thoenen H (1980), “Immunosympathectomy: lack of evidence for a complement-mediated cytotoxic mechanism.” Brain Res 201(2):399-409 Details Michel Goedert

Goedert M, Otten U, Suda K, Heitz PU, Stalder GA, Obrecht JP, Holzach P, Allgöwer M (1980), “Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin production by an intestinal carcinoid tumor.” Cancer 45(1):104-7 Details Michel Goedert

Harris WA (1980), “The effects of eliminating impulse activity on the development of the retinotectal projection in salamanders.” J Comp Neurol 194(2):303-17 Details William Harris

Harris WA (1980), “Regions of the brain influencing the projection of developing optic tracts in the salamander.” J Comp Neurol 194(2):319-33 Details William Harris

Hefti F, Melamed E, Sahakian BJ, Wurtman RJ (1980), “Circling behavior in rats with partial, unilateral nigro-striatal lesions: effect of amphetamine, apomorphine, and DOPA.” Pharmacol Biochem Behav 12(2):185-8 Details Barbara Sahakian

Holt C (1980), “Cell movements in Xenopus eye development.” Nature 287(5785):850-2 Details Christine Holt

Kuhn NJ, Wooding FB, White A (1980), “Properties of galactosyltransferase-enriched vesicles of Golgi membranes from lactating-rat mammary gland.” Eur J Biochem 103(2):377-85 Details Peter Wooding

Lee CS, Wooding FB, Kemp P (1980), “Identification, properties, and differential counts of cell populations using electron microscopy of dry cows secretions, colostrum and milk from normal cows.” J Dairy Res 47(1):39-50 Details Peter Wooding

Marslen-Wilson W, Tyler LK (1980), “The temporal structure of spoken language understanding.” Cognition 8(1):1-71 Details Lorraine Tyler, William Marslen-Wilson

Marslen-Wilson WD (1980), “Speech understanding as a psychological process.” In J.C.Simon (Ed.), Spoken Language Generation and Understanding. Dordrecht: Reidel William Marslen-Wilson

Marslen-Wilson WD, Tyler LK (1980), “Towards a psychological basis for a theory of anaphora.” In J.Kreiman & A.Ojeda (Eds.), Papers from the Parasession on Pronouns and Anaphora. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society William Marslen-Wilson

Mollon JD (1980), “Post-receptoral processes in colour vision.” Nature 283(5748):623-4 Details John Mollon

Mollon JD, Polden PG (1980), “A curiosity of light adaptation.” Nature 286(5768):59-62 Details John Mollon

Otten U, Goedert M, Mayer N, Lembeck F (1980), “Requirement of nerve growth factor for development of substance P-containing sensory neurones.” Nature 287(5778):158-9 Details Michel Goedert

Owen F, Cross AJ, Waddington JL, Poulter M, Gamble SJ, Crow TJ (1980), “Dopamine-mediated behaviour and 3H-spiperone binding to striatal membranes in rats after nine months haloperidol administration.” Life Sci 26(1):55-9 Details Stephen Gamble

Patterson RD, Nimmo-Smith I (1980), “Off-frequency listening and auditory-filter asymmetry.” J Acoust Soc Am 67(1):229-45 Details Roy Patterson

Polden PG, Mollon JD (1980), “Reversed effect of adapting stimuli on visual sensitivity.” Proc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 210(1179):235-72 Details John Mollon

Robbins TW, Koob GF (1980), “Selective disruption of displacement behaviour by lesions of the mesolimbic dopamine system.” Nature 285(5764):409-12 Details Trevor Robbins

Ruffieux A, Schultz W (1980), ““Dopaminergic activation of reticulata neurones in the substantia nigra.” ” Nature 285(5762):240-1 Wolfram Schultz

Sahakian BJ, Carlson KR, DeGirolami U, Bhawan J (1980), “Functional and structural consequences of long-term dietary L-dopa treatment in mice.” Commun Psychopharmacol 4(2):169-76 Details Barbara Sahakian

Tolhurst DJ, Walker NS, Thompson ID, Dean AF (1980), “Non-linearities of temporal summation in neurones in area 17 of the cat.” Exp Brain Res 38(4):431-5 Details David Tolhurst

Waddington JL, Gamble SJ (1980), “Spontaneous activity and apomorphine stereotypy during and after withdrawal from 3 1/2 months continuous administration of haloperidol: some methodological issues.” Psychopharmacology (Berl) 71(1):75-7 Details Stephen Gamble

Waddington JL, Gamble SJ (1980), “Differential effects of ageing on distinct features of apomorphine stereotypy in the adult rat.” Neurosci Lett 20(1):95-9 Details Stephen Gamble

Waddington JL, Gamble SJ (1980), “Neuroleptic treatment for a substantial proportion of adult life: behavioural sequelae of 9 months haloperidol administration.” Eur J Pharmacol 67(4):363-9 Details Stephen Gamble

Waddington JL, Gamble SJ (1980), “Emergence of apomorphine-induced 'vacuous chewing' during 6 months continuous treatment with fluphenazine decanoate.” Eur J Pharmacol 68(3):387-8 Details Stephen Gamble

Wathes DC, Wooding FB (1980), “An electron microscopic study of implantation in the cow.” Am J Anat 159(3):285-306 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB (1980), “Electron microscopic localization of binucleate cells in the sheep placenta using phosphotungstic acid.” Biol Reprod 22(2):357-65 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB (1980), “Lipid droplet secretion by the rabbit harderian gland.” J Ultrastruct Res 71(1):68-78 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB, Chambers SG, Perry JS, George M, Heap RB (1980), “Migration of binucleate cells in the sheep placenta during normal pregnancy.” Anat Embryol (Berl) 158(3):361-70 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB, Wathes DC (1980), “Binucleate cell migration in the bovine placentome.” J Reprod Fertil 59(2):425-30 Details Peter Wooding