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The 25 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Allen GI, Gilbert PF, Marini R, Schultz W, Yin TC (1977), “Integration of cerebral and peripheral inputs by interpositus neurons in monkey.” Exp Brain Res 27(1):81-99 Details Wolfram Schultz

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Harris WA, Ready DF, Lipson ED, Hudspeth AJ, Stark WS (1977), “Vitamin A deprivation and Drosophila photopigments.” Nature 266(5603):648-50 Details William Harris

Harris WA, Stark WS (1977), “Hereditary retinal degeneration in Drosophila melanogaster. A mutant defect associated with the phototransduction process.” J Gen Physiol 69(3):261-91 Details William Harris

Hellweg FC, Schultz W, Creutzfeldt OD (1977), ““Extracellular and intracellular recordings from cat's cortical whisker projection area: thalamocortical response transformation.”” J Neurophysiol 40(3):463-79 Wolfram Schultz

Jarvis LG, Morgan G, Smith MW, Wooding FB (1977), “Cell replacement and changing transport function in the neonatal pig colon.” J Physiol 273(3):717-29 Details Peter Wooding

Marslen-Wilson WD, Tyler LK (1977), “Memory and levels of processing in a psycholinguistic context.” J Exp Psychol Human 5: 112-119 Lorraine Tyler

Milner SM (1977), “Activation of mouse spleen cells by a single short pulse of mitogen.” Nature 268(5619):441-2 Details Su Metcalfe

Mollon JD, Polden PG (1977), “An anomaly in the response of the eye to light of short wavelengths.” Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 278(960):207-40 Details John Mollon

Mollon JD, Polden PG (1977), “Saturation of a retinal cone mechanism.” Nature 265(5591):243-6 Details John Mollon

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Rust J (1977), “Habituation and the orienting response in the auditory cortical evoked potential.” Psychophysiology 14(2):123-6 Details John Rust

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Sahakian BJ, Robbins TW (1977), “Isolation-rearing enhances tail pinch-induced oral behavior in rats.” Physiol Behav 18(1):53-8 Details Trevor Robbins, Barbara Sahakian

Snyder AW, Laughlin SB, Stavenga DG (1977), “Information capacity of eyes.” Vision Res 17(10):1163-75 Details Simon Laughlin

Tolhurst DJ (1977), “Colour-coding properties of sustained and transient channels in human vision.” Nature 266(5599):266-8 Details David Tolhurst

Tyler LK, Marslen-Wilson WD (1977), “The on-line effects of semantic context on syntactic processing.” Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 16(6): 683-692 Lorraine Tyler

Tyler LK, Marslen-Wilson WD (1977), “The on-line effects of semantic context on syntactic processing.” Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 16: 683-692 William Marslen-Wilson

Wooding FB, Morgan G, Craig H (1977), “"Sunbursts" and "christiesomes": cellular fragments in normal cow and goat milk.” Cell Tissue Res 185(4):535-45 Details Peter Wooding