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The 25 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Broom D M (1975), “Feeding methods of some Trinidad hummingbirds. ” J. Trin. Fld. Nat. Club, 11-16. Donald Broom

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De Monasterio FM, Gouras P, Tolhurst DJ (1975), “Concealed colour opponency in ganglion cells of the rhesus monkey retina.” J Physiol 251(1):217-29 Details David Tolhurst

Einon D, Morgan MJ, Sahakian BJ (1975), “The development of intersession habituation and emergence in socially reared and isolated rats.” Dev Psychobiol 8(6):553-9 Details Barbara Sahakian

Horn G, McCabe BJ (1975), “A method for recording with minimal artifact the e.e.g. of unanaesthetized, newly hatched chicks.” J Physiol 245(2):38P-39P Details Brian McCabe

Laughlin SB (1975), “Receptor and interneuron light-adaptation in the dragonfly visual system.” Z Naturforsch C 30(2):306-8 Details Simon Laughlin

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Marslen-Wilson WD (1975), “Sentence perception as an interactive parallel process.” Science 189(4198):226-8 Details William Marslen-Wilson

Marslen-Wilson WD, Teuber HL (1975), “Memory for remote events in anterograde amnesia: recognition of public figures from newsphotographs.” Neuropsychologia 13(3):353-64 Details William Marslen-Wilson

Mollon JD, Polden PG (1975), “Colour illusion and evidence for interaction between cone mechanisms.” Nature 258(5534):421-2 Details John Mollon

Mollon JD, Ross H (1975), “Gregory on the sun illusion.” Perception 4(1):115-8 Details John Mollon

Rust J (1975), “Cortical evoked potential, personality, and intelligence.” J Comp Physiol Psychol 89(10):1220-6 Details John Rust

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Tolhurst DJ (1975), “Reaction times in the detection of gratings by human observers: a probabilistic mechanism.” Vision Res 15:1143-9 Details David Tolhurst

Tolhurst DJ (1975), “Sustained and transient channels in human vision.” Vision Res 15:1151-5 Details David Tolhurst

Tolhurst DJ, Dealy RS (1975), “The detection and identification of lines and edges.” Vision Res 15(12):1367-72 Details David Tolhurst

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Tolhurst DJ, Thompson PG (1975), “Orientation illusions and after-effects: inhibition between channels.” Vision Res 15:967-72 Details David Tolhurst

Wooding FB (1975), “Studies on the mechanism of the hyamine-induced acrosome reaction in ejaculated bovine spermatozoa.” J Reprod Fertil 44(1):185-92 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB, Kemp P (1975), “Ultrastructure of the milk fat globule membrane with and without triglyceride.” Cell Tissue Res 165(1):113-27 Details Peter Wooding