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The 7 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

BARLOW HB (1971), “ Foundations of cyclopean perception by Bela Julesz, ” Vision Research 14: 221. Horace Barlow

Barlow HB, Levick WR, Yoon M (1971), “Responses to single quanta of light in retinal ganglion cells of the cat.” Vision Res Suppl 3:87-101 PDF Details Horace Barlow

Barlow HB, Pettigrew JD (1971), “Lack of specificity of neurones in the visual cortex of young kittens.” J Physiol 218 Suppl:98P-100P Details Horace Barlow

Krauskopf J, Mollon JD (1971), “The independence of the temporal integration properties of individual chromatic mechanisms in the human eye.” J Physiol 219(3):611-23 Details John Mollon

Wooding FB (1971), “The structure of the milk fat globule membrane.” J Ultrastruct Res 37(3):388-400 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB (1971), “The mechanism of secretion of the milk fat globule.” J Cell Sci 9(3):805-21 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB, O'Donnell JM (1971), “A detailed ultrastructural study of the head membranes of ejaculated bovine sperm.” J Ultrastruct Res 35(1):71-85 Details Peter Wooding