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The 5 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Broom D M (1969), “Effects of visual complexity during rearing on chicks, reactions to environmental change.” Anim. Behav., 17, 773-780 PDF Donald Broom

Broom D M (1969), “Reactions of chicks to visual changes during the first ten days after hatching.” Anim. Behav., 17, 307-315. PDF Donald Broom

Patterson RD (1969), “Noise masking of a change in residue pitch.” J Acoust Soc Am 45(6):1520-4 Details Roy Patterson

Wooding FB (1969), “Absorptive cells in protoxylem: Association between mitochondria and the plasmalemma.” Planta 84(3):235-8 Details Peter Wooding

Wooding FB (1969), “P protein and microtubular systems in Nicotiana, callus phloem.” Planta 85(3):284-98 Details Peter Wooding