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The 6 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

BARLOW HB (1967), “ Organized forgetting: A disorganized critique of the distinctions among various types of memory” The Organization of Recall, Proceedings of the Second Conference (1964) of Learning, Remembering, and Forgettting. D.P. Kimble (Ed), N.Y. Acad. Sci. New York. pp 342-349. PDF Horace Barlow

Barlow HB, Andrews DP (1967), “Sensitivity of receptors and receptor "pools".” J Opt Soc Am 57(6):837-8 Details Horace Barlow

Barlow HB, Blakemore C, Pettigrew JD (1967), “The neural mechanism of binocular depth discrimination.” J Physiol 193(2):327-42 PDF Details Horace Barlow

Milner SM (1967), “Effects of the food additive butylated hydroxytoluene on monolayer cultures of primate cells.” Nature 216(5115):557-60 Details Su Metcalfe

Oyster CW, Barlow HB (1967), “Direction-selective units in rabbit retina: distribution of preferred directions.” Science 155(3764):841-2 PDF Details Horace Barlow

Wooding FB (1967), “Endoplasmic reticulum aggregates of ordered structure.” Planta 76(2):205-8 Details Peter Wooding