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The 4 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

BARLOW HB (1961), “The coding of sensory messages” Current Problems in Animal Behaviour, Thorpe and Zangwill (Eds), CH13, PP330-360 Cambridge University Press,CAMBRIDGE UK. Horace Barlow

BARLOW HB (1961), “ Three points about lateral inhibition” Sensory Communication, W. Rosenblith (Ed.), M.I.T. Press, pp. 782-790. Horace Barlow

BARLOW HB (1961), “Possible principles underlying the transformations of sensory messages” Sensory Communication, Ed W.Rosenblith Ch13 , pp. 217-234 .M.I.T. Press,Cambridge,Mass. PDF Horace Barlow

BARLOW HB (1961), “Der Informationswert verschiedener Reaktionstypen der Neurone des visuellen systems; Gruppendiskussion. Initial Remarks.” The Visual System: Neurophysiology and Psychophysics, R. Jung & H. Kornhuber (Eds), Springer-Verlag: Berlin, pp. 375-376. Horace Barlow