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The 33 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Anas M, Schiff E, Arno G, Webster AR, Michaelides M, Robson AG, Mahroo OA (2023), “Electroretinography guides re-analysis of whole genome data to find undetected variant in CACNA1F” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Ansari AS, Jiang X, Xu Z, Jarrar Z, Hammond CJ, Hysi PG, Mahroo OA (2023), “Associations between ERG flicker peak times and parameters of cognitive function in a large adult cohort” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Arora A (in press), “Synthetic data: The future of open-access healthcare datasets?” Lancet Anmol Arora

Arora A, Arora A (2023), “The Promise of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Healthcare” Lancet Anmol Arora

Arora A, Khawaja A, Keane P (in press), “Chapter: Artificial intelligence and big data: technical considerations and clinical applications” The Science of Glaucoma Management Anmol Arora

Currant H, Fitzgerald TW, Patel PJ, Khawaja AP; UK Biobank Eye and Vision Consortium; Webster AR, Mahroo OA, Birney E (2023), “Sub-cellular level resolution of common genetic variation in the photoreceptor layer identifies continuum between rare disease and common variation” PLoS Genet. Omar Mahroo

Erritoze D, Godlewska BR, Rizzo G, Searle GE, Agnorelli C, Lewis Y, Ashok AH, Colasanti A, Boura I, Farrell C, Parfit H, Howes OD, Passchier J, Gunn RN, Nutt DJ, Politis M, Cowen PJ, Knudsen G, Rabiner EA (2023), “Brain serotonin release is reduced in patients with depression: A [11C] CIMBI-36 PET study with D-amphetamine challenge” Biological Psychiatry Abhishekh Ashok

Graczyk MM, Sahakian BJ, Robbins TW & Ersche KD (2023), “Genotype-by-diagnosis interaction influences self-control in human cocaine addiction” Translational Psychiatry Karen Ersche

Han SY*, Morris PG*, Kim JC, Guru S, Navarro MP, Yeo SH, McQuillan HJ, Herbison A (2023), “Mechanism of kisspeptin neuron synchronization for pulsatile hormone secretion in male mice” Cell Reports 42(1):111914 Paul Morris

He J, Yang W, Wu W, Sun X, Li S, Yin G, Zhuang B, Xu J, Zhou D, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Zhu L, Sharma P, Sirajuddin A, Teng Z, Kureshi F, Zhao S, Lu M (2023), “Clinical features, myocardial strain and tissue characteristics of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in patients with obesity: A prospective cohort study” eClinicalMedicine 55: 1-13 Zhongzhao Teng

Huang Q, Ellis CL, Leo SM, Velthius H, Pereira AC, Dimitrov M, Ponteduro FM< Wong NML, Daly E, Murphy DGM, Mahroo OA, McAlonan GM (2023), “Flash electroretinogram as a potential biomarker of GABAergic dysfunction in adults with autism spectrum disorder” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Jiang X, Hysi PG, Khawaja AP, Mahroo OA, Xu Z, Hammond CJ, Foster PJ, Welikala RA, Barman SA, Whincup PH, Rudnicka AR, Owen CG, Strachan DP; UK Biobank Eye and Vision Consortium (2023), “GWAS on retinal vasculometry phenotypes” PLoS Genet. Omar Mahroo

Jiang X, Webster AR, Hysi PG, Hammond CJ, Robson JG, Mahroo OA (2023), “Exploration of oscillatory potentials and their polarity in the dark-adapted ERG elicited by strong flashes” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Jozwik, K.M., Kietzmann, T.C., Cichy, RM., Kriegeskorte, N., Mur, M. (2023), “Deep neural networks and semantic models explain complementary components of human ventral-stream representational dynamics” Journal of Neuroscience Kamila Jozwik

Kadohisa M, Kusunoki M, Mitchell DJ, Bhatia C, Buckley MJ, Duncan J (2023), “Frontal and temporal coding dynamics in successive steps of complex behavior” Neuron 111: 1-14 PDF Daniel Mitchell

Leo SM, Calcagni AP, Neveu MM, Mahroo OA, Michaelides M, Webster AR, Robson AG (2023), “Electrophysiological features of occult macular dystrophy in 10 patients, heterozygous for the prevalent RP1L1 (p.Arg45Trp) variant” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Lewis S, Petrie I, Stroncekova D, Leo SM, Mahroo OA, MacCormick I (2023), “Investigating ERGs recorded at high altitude” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Lim TV & Ersche KD (2023), “Theory-driven computational models of drug addiction in humans: fruitful or futile?” Addiction Neuroscience 5: 100066 PDF Karen Ersche

Lugtmeijer S, Geerligs L, Tsvetanov KA, Mitchell DJ, Cam-CAN, Campbell KL (2023), “Lifespan differences in visual short-term memory load-modulated functional connectivity” NeuroImage Daniel Mitchell

Luo Q, Kanen JW, Bari A, Skandali N, Langley C, Knudsen GM, Alsio J, Phillips BU, Sahakian BJ, Cardinal RN, Robbins TW (2023), “Common roles for serotonin in rats and humans for computations underlying flexible decision-making” bioRxiv Jonathan Kanen

Mahroo OA (2023), “Visual electrophysiology and "the potential of the potentials"” Eye (Lond). Omar Mahroo

Mahroo OA, Jiang X, Leo SM, Hysi PG, Cabral De Guimaraes T, Robson AG, Hammond CJ, Moore AT, Michaleides M, Webster AR, Robson JG (2023), “Insights from modelling rod-driven ERG a-waves in KCNV2-retinopathy” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Mitchell DJ, Mousley ALS, Shafto MA, Cam-CAN, Duncan J (2023), “Neural contributions to reduced fluid intelligence across the adult lifespan” J Neurosci 43(2):293-307 PDF Daniel Mitchell

Neufeld SAS*, Collaer M*, Spencer D, Pasterski V, Hindmarsh PC, Hughes IA, Acerini C, Hines M. (in press), “Androgens and child behavior: Color and toy preferences in children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH).” Hormones and Behaviour Sharon Neufeld

Nieuwenhuis B, Laperrousaz E, Tribble JR, Verhaagen J, Fawcett JW, Martin KR, Williams PA, Osborne O (2023), “Improving adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector-mediated transgene expression in retinal ganglion cells: comparison of five promoters” Gene Therapy Bart Nieuwenhuis

Robson AG, Daich Varela M, De Silva S, Duignan E, Ba-Abbad R, Fujinami-Yokokawa, Leo SM, Fujinami K, Mahroo OA, Webster AR, Michaelides M (2023), “The electrophysiological and clinical features of CERKL-associated retinal dystrophy with genotype-phenotype associations” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

S Tiribelli et al (in press), “Artificial intelligence-based telemedicine for public health: On the need to map and revise existing artificial intelligence ethics principles” American Journal of Public Health Anmol Arora

Savulich G, Ferry-Bolder E, Lim TV, Mak E & Ersche KD (2023), “The “Resilient Brain”: Challenging key characteristics associated with the concept of resilience” Psychological Medicine Karen Ersche

Sobrido-Cameán D, Oswald MCW, Bailey DMD, Mukherjee A, Landgraf M. (2023), “Activity-regulated growth of motoneurons at the neuromuscular junction is mediated by NADPH oxidases” Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 16: 1106593 Daniel Sobrido-Cameán

Tan JK, Bloch E, Robson AG, Chow I, Plant GT, Virgo J, Mohamed MD, Mahroo OA (2023), “Electroretinography guides investigations leading to diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma; subsequent course following systemic and local treatments” Doc Ophthalmol. ISCEV Abstract Omar Mahroo

Turmezei TD, Shelmerdine SC, Ashok AH, Goh V On behalf of the RCR Academic Committee (2023), “Academic clinical fellows in radiology: how can we improve success?” Clinical Radiology Abhishekh Ashok

Xu T, Zhou X, Kanen JW, Wang L, Chen Z, Zhang R, Jiao G, Feng Z, Zhao W, Yao S, Becker B (2023), “Angiotensin blockade enhances motivational reward learning via enhancing ventral striatal prediction error and frontostriatal communication” Molecular Psychiatry Jonathan Kanen

Zuhlsdorff K, Verdejo-Roman J, Clark L, Albein-Urios N, Soriano-Mas C, Cardinal RN, Robbins TW, Dalley JW, Verdejo-Garcia A, Kanen JW (2023), “Computational modelling of reinforcement learning and functional neuroimaging of probabilistic reversal dissociates compulsive behaviors in Gambling and Cocaine Use Disorders” bioRxiv Jonathan Kanen