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Cambridge Neuroscientists call for neuroethics and public engagement training

Neuroscience research has demonstrated an increasing potential for direct impact on society and the individual. Cambridge Neuroscientists (Dr. Sharon Morein-Zamir, right, and Professor Barbara Sahakian, below left) argue that this highlights the need for formal education of neuroscience students in neuroethics and public engagements.

Such training would aim to increase student awareness of the ethical consequences of neuroscientific research as a field and encourage such students to consider the potential implications of their own work on society. It would also instil in them their obligation to engage with the public, to inform and promote discussion of novel developments as well as to receive feedback.

To access the full article, published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 16th November, 2009, please click here.

Posted on 17/11/2009

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