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British Association for Psychopharmacology Summer Meeting: 22nd-25th July, Harrogate

The BAP (British Association for Psychopharmacology) Summer Meeting will be held at Harrogate International Centre from Sunday 22nd to Wednesday 25th July 

Highlights of the meeting will include:

The 2012 Guest Lecture, presented by Dr Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) "Drugs in the Brain: transforming reward into addiction"

Plenary Mental Health Session "The best treatment for treatment-resistant patients with psychiatric disorders and possibilities for developing clinical research" Including presentations from Stephen Stahl, Guy Goodwin, Gavin Malloch and Kathryn Adcock.

9 invited symposia covering cutting-edge clinical and non-clinical psychopharmacology: 

  1. Drugs as tools in neuropsychiatry: Ketamine
  2. New tricks for old drugs: Opiates, addiction and beyond
  3. Advances in understanding brain corticosteroid responses to stress: relevance to depression
  4. Cognitive impairment in depression:  A target for treatment?
  5. New treatment strategies for targeting drug addictions -- A translational perspective
  6. Functional imaging markers for monitoring treatment: Mechanisms and efficacy
  7. Schizophrenia Treatment: What's wrong with it and what might work better
  8. Epigenetics and psychiatry - current understanding and therapeutic potential
  9. Rethinking the compulsive aspects of addiction: From bench to bedside

2 Poster Sessions (poster lists available to view on the website) 

3 Short Oral Presentation sessions 

Prize Winner Oral Presentations featuring Cambridge Neuroscientist Karen Ersche

Post-doc Symposium: "Neurodevelopmental models of psychiatric disease: back to the future"

Satellite Symposia hosted by Lundbeck, Roche, Lilly and Janssen 

BAP Special Session supported by Servier Laboratories 

Conference Dinner including presentation of the 2012 Prizes and Awards

Professor Barry Everitt will receive the BAP Lifetime Achievement Award

Conference fees (includes attendance at all scientific sessions, refreshments, lunch on Monday and Tuesday, Welcome Reception on Sunday):

                                                                     Whole Conference                          Single Day Rate

BAP Full Members                                            £265.00                                            £165.00

BAP Retired Members                                     £120.00                                             £70.00

BAP Training Members                                     £50.00                                              £20.00

Students                                                              £50.00                                              £20.00

Non-Members                                                   £370.00                                           £250.00

Apply for BAP Membership here.

Register for the Summer Meeting here.

Posted on 06/07/2012

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