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Visions of the future in the brain - Participants wanted



Research Project


Visions of the future in the brain


MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit


We are looking for volunteers aged 16-40 to participate in a neuroimaging study (brain scan) investigating what happens in the brain when people imagine emotional future scenarios.


The study involves two sessions:

-       Session one: screening assessment, questionnaires, and computer tasks

-       Session two: brain scan with task of ‘Imagining the future’


You can take part if you:


  1. have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder
  2. have experienced depression in combination with either mood swings or having a relative with bipolar disorder 
  3. are healthy and have no history of mental disorder and have no first degree relative with a mental disorder.


The study will take between 3-4 hours in total. You will be reimbursed for your time.

If you are interested please contact us!


For more info:

or telephone 01223 355294

Posted on 01/10/2015

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