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Invitation to attend the Neuroblastoma Research Symposium: Future Treatments for High Risk Neuroblastoma

Friday, 3rd December 2010, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute, Cambridge. This event is free to attend although registration, before the 1st November, 2010, is required.

Neuroblastoma is a neuro-developmental disease of the sympathetic nervous system that arises in neural crest cells early in development. It accounts for 10% of pediatric malignancies but 15% of deaths because children with high-risk disease usually relapse. It is a curious cancer that often spontaneously regresses in infants (less than 12 months) but in older children is nearly untreatable.

The purpose of the day Symposium is to bring together for the first time in one place the three main UK neuroblastoma groups - the research and pediatric oncology communities and the charities that fund neuroblastoma research. The line-up of invited speakers is extremely strong with 14 international and UK-based world experts in neuroblastoma who will talk on a range of topics including early biology, tumour initiating cells, immunotherapy, targeted radiotherapy, micro-RNAs and epigenetics, mouse models and Myc. We hope that this meeting will attract new researchers to the field of neuroblastoma.

Please visit the event website for further information, links to the poster advert and draft programme and registration details.

The day is being run by The Neuroblastoma Society with additional support from Cancer Research UK, SPARKS and Adam’s Hats. There will be a short charity presentation, detailing how and when to apply for funding from each charity. Going against current funding trends, charitable funding for neuroblastoma research is booming.

Register by emailing quoting 'Symposium 2010'. Registration deadline is 1st November 2010.

Posted on 12/10/2010

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