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A-level students interview Cambridge Neuroscience Profs

Naked Interns taking a Punt!

Description: ork placement studentsA' Level students visit Cambridge, interview members of Cambridge Neuroscience and tell some science jokes in a punt.

They were: William Richards and Jack Oldbury from Skegness Grammar School, Pearlanne Foster from Malcolm Arnold School, Northampton, and Christopher Simpkins from Lodge Park Academy, Corby. They were funded to visit the Naked Scientists for a week thanks to the generous support of the David Ross Education Trust.


The War on Cancer

A'Description: ervical cancer Intraepithelial neoplasia level student William Richards from Skegness Grammar School interviews Dr Phillip Jones. During the interview a wide range of topics are discussed, from Dr Jones' career to his opinion on the changing world of modern oncology. He is even given the chance to dispell the myth that scientists can't tell jokes and pitch for £100 million for his research!


PET: Peeping with Positrons

Description: ETJack Oldbury interviews Dr Tim Fryer from the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre about PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and its role in imaging the brain at work. We find out what awaits us in the future of imaging, as well as exploring how PET works and its role in neuroimaging and oncology.


The Truth about Depression

Description: epressionChris Simpkins from Lodge Park Academy in Corby, interviews Professor Ian Goodyer on the chemicals, treatments and impacts of depression during the teenage years and discusses the breakthroughs in the field.


Caring for Animals

Description: nterviewing Prof. Donald BloomPearlanne Foster from Malcolm Arnold Academy, Northampton, interviews the first Professor of Animal Welfare, Donald Broom and finds out about the protection of pigs, the treatment of circus animals and if crows really are as clever as a seven year old child...

Posted on 14/04/2014

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