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Professor Barbara Sahakian speaking at Latitude festival this weekend


Salon London curates cool culture, we take a subject and look at it laterally from an art, science and psychological perspective, and for Saturday’s Salon we present ‘Hidden Truths’. Neuroscientist Professor Barbara Sahakian will explain the truth about smart drugs, they may enable us to work harder and smarter but what is the real cost? Lloyd Bradley has painstakingly pieced together over a hundred years of black music in the capital and will play us through the sounds of a century, and the UK’s only Professor for the understanding of risk, David Spiegelhalter OBE has examined all the stats and is at Latitude to present the secret truths of sex.

Cambridge University’s neuroscientist superstar Professor Barbara Sahakian’s work on the effects of drugs on the brain is respected around the globe – she represented the UK at the Davos Economic Conference earlier this year persuading world leaders of the importance of keeping the brain active in later life for economic growth. Her recent area of interest has in particular concentrated on neuro cognitive enhancers (known to us as smart drugs, and taken in ever increasing numbers of us to keep a competitive edge) and their effect on decision making. In this session for Latitude, Barbara will be in discussion with brain scientist Dr Robin Carhatt-Harris of Imperial College who’s work has been turning up surprising and intriguing results in the effects of MDMA and psycho tropics on brain function.  In this session we’re calling in a tongue in cheek way: ‘smart drugs, dumb drugs’, we will allow the audience to draw their own conclusions on the understand in greater the depths of all drugs on our brains, illegal or legal.

Posted on 16/07/2014

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