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Cambridge Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Workshop on 7TMRI Imaging - Report

The January meeting to discuss ultra-high field (7T) MR imaging in Cambridge was a great success, attended by over 90 investigators and confirming the intense interest across Cambridge Neuroscience in the advanced research methods enabled by this new  part of our Clinical Research Infrastructure. The meeting was hosted by the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, the University's partner in the 7T project, as the first in a series of 7T meetings to be held this year on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Dr James Rowe (Neurology) reviewed the background 7T in Cambridge, and timelines to going 'live' in March 2016 with the new Siemens scanner. Prof Bob Turner (Leipzig/Cambridge) illustrated the potential applications of 7T MRI to both cognitive and clinical neuroscience, covering the enhanced spatial, functional and neurochemical resolution to which we can now aspire. Dr Niko Kriegeskorte (CBSU) provided a humorous overview of his career in 7T imaging, but with a serious message about recent advances in the method, and its robustness. In the third talk, Dr Andrew Welchman (Pscyhology) drew on his experience at two other 7T centres, illustrating its potential for decoding information processing in vivo and bridging meso- to macro-scale cognitive neuroscience.  The afternoon ended with an overview of the proposed 7T research collaboration for cognitive neuroscience, led by Dr Mike Anderson (CBSU). Further meetings and workshops at the CBSU and Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre will focus on the development of physics methods and research proposals, as we look forward to the start of 7T imaging from March 2016.

This workshop was organised as part of the Cambridge Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Workshop series. If you would like to submit a proposal for a future workshop, please complete the form. Please contact Professor Angela Roberts and Dr Dervila Glynn for further information.

Posted on 22/04/2015

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