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Two Cambridge Neuroscientists recognised for their exceptional contributions to the medical sciences

Congratulations go to Professor Simon Tavare and Professor Peter St. George-Hyslop who have been elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences Fellowship.

Fellowship of the Academy is based on exceptional contributions to the medical sciences either in the form of original discovery or of sustained contributions to scholarship. Fellows are drawn from clinical academic medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, laboratory science, medical and nursing care and other professions allied to medical science.

Professor Peter St. George-Hyslop, from the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, is interested in understanding the causes and molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer Disease, Parkinson Disease and Fronto-Temporal Dementia.

Professor Simon Tavare, from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMPT) and Department of Oncology, combines behavioural analysis, behavioural genetics, computational modelling and stochastic models in the Drospohila whilst also works on cancer genomics. 

To learn more about the Acadamy of Medical Sciences please click here.  

Fellows were elected to the Academy Fellowship following the Council meeting of 12 April 2009. The Admission Ceremony will take place on 24 June, 2009.

Posted on 11/06/2009

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