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12th annual Brain Connectivity Workshop - June 12th-14th 2013


The 12th annual Brain Connectivity Workshop will be held in Vancouver, Canada on June 12-14th, 2013. It will be hosted by the Univeristy of British Columbia.

Brain Connectivity Workshop (BCW) has been going for 12 years now and is the major forum to discuss the broad and complex issues relating to brain connectivity. A unique character of the workshop is the format that emphasizes discussion over extensive presentations. Following the tradition of this workshop series, each of the invited speakers in the main workshop are requested to limit their presentation to 15 minutes and subsequently lead a thirty minute discussion focused on that topic. This format has been successful since the meeting's inception, and has always resulted in extensive and invigorating debate.

As an essential part of BCW’2013, the one day educational course will also occur: Seven leading experts in this field will deliver introductory lectures on different topics related to Brain Connectivity. In previous years, most of the registrants of the main workshop also attend and contribute to questions in the educational course.

This year we will focus on connectivity in attention, awareness and consciousness. Brain function is dependent on the interactions between specialized regions of cortex that process information within local and global networks. Investigations of connections between neuronal structures and measurements of brain activity in vivo have given rise to concepts that have been useful for understanding brain mechanisms and plasticity. These concepts are just now being extended to attention and awareness, with the understanding that many overt behavioural effects may be better actualized at the level of brain network dynamics. The ‘hard problem’ in neuroscience continues to be higher-order functions such as consciousness, which brings together philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. Here too the dialogue is enhanced when the network architectural basis of consciousness becomes the foundation of discussion.

Posted on 12/04/2013

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