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Pre-Announcement: EPSRC Research Software Engineer Fellowships (provisional internal deadline 14 July 2020)

The EPSRC has announced that the EPSRC Research Software Engineer (RSE) Fellowships will run this Summer.


The critical role software plays in powering today’s research and innovation has long been recognised by EPSRC, who have been instrumental in funding the now established role of the Research Software Engineer (RSE). This call will support RSE Fellowships for a period of up to five years. An RSE Fellowship is a personal award for exceptional individuals who demonstrate leadership and the combined expertise of software engineering along with a solid knowledge of the research environment. In addition to expertise in computational software development and software engineering, an RSE Fellow will be an ambassador and have the potential to be a future leader. RSE Fellows are expected to promote the widespread use of computation and software best practice to enhance research outcomes and impact.


University Internal selection:

In the past this was a restricted call, however, whether there will be a cap on the number of bids this time around is still under consideration by EPSRC.


Because the call period is very short (7 weeks), if we do need to restrict it when it opens on 30 June 2020, there will be a tight internal deadline of 14 July 2020.  We will likely require (but will confirm this once the call is open):

·         CV (2 pages maximum) and publications list

·         Project description (750 words maximum)

·         Letter of support from the Head of the Department/Faculty that will hold the grant, confirming their support for the project and agreement to host the grant


In the event that the EPSRC puts no restriction on the number of applications per Institution there will be no internal selection. We will circulate updates as soon as the EPSRC publishes the call’s guidelines.



Funder deadline: 18 August 2020 at 16:00.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Posted on 26/06/2020

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