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Emotional Memory and Deep Brain Stimulation. Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses in the heart of Tuscany

Advanced Courses

Italian Alps: Abbazia di Novacella, Südtirol


Emotional Memory

August 27 - September 3  

Coordinator: Michael Fanselow (USA)

Faculty: D. Anderson, R. Sullivan, B. Balleine et al.

How are fundamental properties common to emotional states, such as arousal, fear, appettive learning, motivation, fear, fear memory and trauma experiences encoded in the circuitry and chemistry of the brain? How do these internal states combine with sensory stimuli to elicit specific emotional behaviors, such as fear or aggression? Modern molecular genetic tools, combined with electrophysiology and functional imaging to measure activity in neural circuits, have helped begin to mark, map, and manipulate specific circuits and determine how identifiable populations of neurons contribute in a causal manner to emotional behavior. Find out more


The Future of Deep Brain Stimulation

September 10 - 17  

Coordinator: Andres M. Lozano (Canada)

Co-coordinator: J. Volkman - Faculty: A. Kühn, C. McIntyre, D. Denys et al.

There is emerging awareness that malfunction in brain circuits, characterized by abnormal patterns of activity and oscillations, is responsible for many of the signs and symptoms of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is being used to modulate the activity of neural circuits in an increasing number of disorders. Despite its widespread use in over 100,000 patients, the mechanism of action through which DBS exerts its effects is largely unknown. There are effects at cellular, molecular and network levels. The issue of whether DBS acts primarily by suppressing or inhibiting circuits is more complex than was originally considered and this Advanced Course will cover the most important and controversial issues in the development of DBS. Find out more



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Unlike any other A Unique Experience    
Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies
Villa Principesca Il Palazzone
52044 Cortona - I
Abbazia di Novacella
Via Abbazia 1, 39040 Varna - I
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Posted on 27/04/2016

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