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BNA-ABN joint symposium 'Meeting of Minds'

BNA-ABN joint symposium 'Meeting of Minds' - Spetember 29th 2016


Bursaries are available for early career researchers and clinicians - see full details

Members of the British Neuroscience Association and the Association of British Neurologists not only share initials but also a desire to understand the translational links from basic to clinical neuroscience.  

For the first time, the two societies are combining, with the assistance of the Cardiff Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute, to bring together experts and interested researchers in a one day ‘Meeting of Minds’. Two related topics, Epilepsy and Amnesia will be discussed, with talks and discussions spanning different levels of analysis.

The meeting will bring together people from related, but different, disciplines in order to shine a light on these two taxing neurological conditions, and promote informed discussion in an informal atmosphere. In addition to the eight talks given by international experts in their fields, attendees will be able to present posters for discussion and there will be a wine reception for everyone at the end of the day.


Programme and speakers

Registration from 09:30

Optional tour of CUBRIC


  • 10:30 - Professor Liam Gray (Cardiff University) ‘Comorbidity and cognition’     
  • 11:00 - Dr Andrew Trevelyan (Newcastle University) ‘What a mouse can tell a neurologist’
  • 11:50 - Dr Sameer Zuberi (University of Glasgow) ‘Genetics of epilepsy’   
  • 12:20 - Professor Vincenzo Crunelli  (Cardiff University) ‘Circuitry of epilepsy’ 

12.50 - Lunch and posters


  • 14:10 - Professor John Hodges (Neuroscience Research, Australia) ‘Degenerative amnesias’
  • 14:40 - Dr Clea Warburton (University of Bristol) ‘Animal models of amnesia’   
  • 15:30 - Professor Adam Zeman (University of Exeter) ‘Transient amnesias’  
  • 16:00 - Professor John Aggleton (Cardiff University) ‘Memory circuitry’


Poster Abstract submission

We encourage students and early career scientists to present their research in the form of a poster presentation.  Abstract submission deadline = 5th September 2016. Please click here to submit your poster presentation.

We invite you to submit abstracts for the poster sessions.

Only registered delegates can submit an abstract.  If you have not yet done so, please register first (below).

You may return to edit saved abstracts at any time before the submission deadline (5 September 2016), after which all saved abstracts will be automatically submitted.

Abstract submission will require the following information:

Abstract title

You can use up to 150 characters including spaces.

Abstract category (theme)

Select the theme from the drop down box that best reflects the topic of the abstract.

The themes from which to choose are:

  • Epilepsy
  • Amnesia/ Memory
  • Other

Author details

Author details must be entered as you wish them to appear in the programme.

The first author is also the primary contact and the presenting author.

Please tick the box to indicate any co-authors have been contacted and agree to the submission. The first author/primary contact has responsibility for the content on behalf of co-authors. 

Abstract content

Enter your abstract text in the text box.  Make sure that any symbols (µ, β etc) have been entered and displayed correctly.

You can use up to 2,300 characters including spaces. If references are included these are counted in the character count.

You can upload one image/figure. Images should be standard image format of jpg, pict, tiff, etc (not a PowerPoint slide, Word document, pdf or similar). Files must have resolution of 300 DPI or more. Please make sure the legend is part of the image, and is at a suitable size to read when printed at around 10 cm x 10cm.

Declaration statement

During abstract submission you will be asked to declare the following:

I confirm that I have previewed this abstract and that all information is correct. I accept that the content of this abstract cannot be modified or corrected after final submission and I am aware that it will be published as submitted.

Submission of the abstract constitutes the consent of all authors to publication (e.g. Conference website, programs, other promotions, etc.)

I understand that I must select a specific Theme for my abstract allocation.  Although the Programme Committee will work hard to honour this selection, this cannot be guaranteed.  The Programme Committee reserves the right to change the Theme under which the abstract was originally submitted.

I warrant that no part of the information and content provided to the British Neuroscience Association (the BNA), nor the publication of any such content by the BNA, on the internet or otherwise, infringes any third party rights, including but not limited to privacy rights and/or intellectual property rights.

I grant the BNA the right to reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, and display the text of the Content on a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable nonexclusive basis.

I confirm that the contact details saved in this system are those of the presenting author, who will be notified about the status of the abstract. The presenting author is responsible for informing the other authors about the status of the abstract.

I understand that the presenting author must be a registered participant.

I understand that the BNA reserves the right to remove from publication and/or presentation an abstract which does not comply with the above.

Ethical standards statement

Where relevant, all abstracts submitted must have received ethical approval for the study. Ethical requirements for poster submissions to BNA2017 are stated below. During abstract submission you will be asked to declare the following:

Experiments on animals and animal tissues -

I confirm that:

  • For work conducted in the UK, all procedures accorded with current UK legislation.
  • For work conducted elsewhere, all procedures accorded with current national legislation/guidelines or, in their absence, with current local guidelines.

Experiments on humans or human tissue -

  • I confirm that all procedures accorded with the ethical standards of the relevant national, institutional or other body responsible for human research and experimentation, and with the principles of the World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki.


The BNA in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust is delighted to offer Early Career Bursaries to qualifying members of the BNA or ABN to attend this meeting.

Deadline for bursary applications **extended** = 12th September 2016

20 x (up to) £100 bursaries are available, to be used by early career reserchers or clinicians towards registration, travel and accomodation costs.

The following criteria apply:

  • the applicant must be a member of BNA or ABN at the time of application

  • the applicant must be able to prove eligibility for one of the following membership categories:
    BNA Undergraduate/Student
    BNA Postgraduate (Masters or PhD)
    BNA Early Career Scientist
    ABN Student
    ABN Junior/Overseas
    ABN Associate/Affiliate

  • the applicant must be working in a recognised institution

  • the applicant must NOT have received a bursary from the BNA or ABN during 2015

  • the applicant must be registered for the 'Meeting of Minds' symposium to apply for the bursary.  If the applicant's poster submission is successful, they will be reimbursed the registration fee as part of the bursary funds.

  • the applicant will be presenting, as FIRST AUTHOR, a poster presentation

Applicants should download and complete the application form and submit this together with a supporting letter from their institution to office@bna.org.uk by 12th September 2016.




Sponsors of the wine reception      

We are also very grateful for the support of UGO Basile and Nature



Meeting Fees

  Member Non-member
Undergraduate £20 £35
Postgraduate £30 £45
Early Career Scientist/ Clinician £40 £65
Associate member £40 N/a
Full/ Corporate £55 £80
Retired £20 £35


Posted on 23/08/2016

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