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PDN Masterclasses & Techniques Colloquia

The first in a series of PDN Masterclasses & Techniques Colloquia will take place on Wednesday 22nd at 5.30 in the Gurdon Tea Room.

Robert Stojnic (Bray's lab) & Radu Zabet (Adryan's lab) will talk about computational approaches to understanding transcriptional regulation.

To get the necessary background of the subject they have recommended that you read the following articles:

Segal & Widom (2009) From DNA sequence to transcriptional behaviour: a quantitative approach. Nature Reviews Genetics 10, 443-456.

Yáñez-Cuna, Kvon & Stark (2013) Deciphering the transcriptional cis-regulatory code. Trends Genet. 29(1):11-22.

Free beer and pizza will be provided to guarantee people's discussion and enjoyment!!

Posted on 20/05/2013

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