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Professor Christine Holt awarded Ferrier Medal 2017

The Royal Society award recognizes Holt's work in understanding molecular mechanisms involved in nerve growth, guidance and targeting.

Christine Holt received the The Ferrier Medal and Lecture 2017 from the Royal Society for pioneering understanding of the key molecular mechanisms involved in nerve growth, guidance and targeting which has revolutionised our knowledge of growing axon tips. She is the first female to be awarded this medal.

The lectureship, which is accompanied by a medal and a gift of £2,000, will be awarded in March 2017.

The lectureship was created in memory of the neurologist and psychologist David Ferrier FRS, and was first awarded in 1928. It is given triennially “on a subject related to the advancement of natural knowledge on the structure and function of the nervous system.”

This is not the first time a Cambridge person has been awarded the Ferrier Medal: Horace Barlow won the award in 1980, Lord Edgar Douglas Adrian won in 1938 and Charles Sherrington won the award in 1929.

Posted on 20/07/2016

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