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UZH-Award for Research in Brain Diseases for PhD students


The BRAIN DISEASES Funds was launched in 2005 to promote non-clinical, basic research in brain disorders, e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, brain cancer, epilepsy, depressive disorders etc. In February 2019 the funds were transferred to the UZH Foundation which manages them.

The funds are used for the UZH-Award for Research in Brain Diseases, a yearly prize (10,000 Swiss Francs) for PhD students for their outstanding contributions to non-clinical basic research related to brain disorders.

Scientific committee
The scientific committee consists of Prof. Amedeo Caflisch, Prof. Ben Schuler, the UZH president Michael Schaepman also as representative of the UZH Foundation.

Promotion of women scientists
It is important to note that since 2006, 14 of the 21 awardees have been female PhD students.  Thus, the proportion of women scientists who have won the prize is higher than the female percentage of PhD students in neurosciences.

Your candidature for the BRAIN DISEASES Award
Have you published recently the results of your PhD research work on brain diseases as a first (or co-first) author? Do not hesitate to apply to the UZH-Award for research in brain diseases if you have published (or have in press) interesting results on basic research in brain disorders. The rules for applicants can be downloaded here.

UZH-Award for Research in Brain Diseases: rules for applicants

List of the prize winners

More information here

Deadline April 30th 2021


Posted on 31/03/2021

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