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Postdoc and/or technician positions available to help develop human cellular models of obesity.

The laboratory of Florian T. Merkle (pictured right) is seeking a postdoctoral researcher and/or technician to help develop human cellular models of obesity. The Merkle laboratory differentiates human pluripotent stem cells into hypothalamic neuron types that regulate of feeding behaviour. The function of these neurons is tested using genetic and pharmacological approaches, with a particular emphasis on leptin signalling. The successful candidate will assist in CRISPR/Cas9-based gene editing, and help develop cellular assays to probe neuronal function. The position offers the opportunity to work on an important biological problem using cutting edge techniques in an intellectually stimulating environment. Florian is a principal investigator at the WT-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science and an affiliate member of the WT-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. For further information, please contact him directly at Thank you for your interest!

Posted on 04/07/2016

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