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Brain Waves: investigating developments in neuroscience and their implications for society

The Royal Society’s Science Policy Centre has launched a new project, Brain Waves, which will investigate developments in neuroscience and their implications for society.  The project will be led by a Steering Group Chaired by Professor Colin Blakemore FRS and it's steering committee includes Cambridge Neuroscientists: Professor Trevor Robbins, Professor Barbara Sahakian, and Emeritis Professor Nicholas Mackintosh.

Brain Waves aims to explore the potential and the limitations of neuroscience insights for policymaking, as well as the benefits and the risks posed by applications of neuroscience and neurotechnologies.

The project will comprise five modules running in sequence until summer 2011, with each producing a corresponding report:

    * Module 1:          Neuroscience insights for policy
    * Module 2:          Neuroscience, education and lifelong learning
    * Module 3:          Neuroscience, conflict and arms control
    * Module 4:          Neuroscience, responsibility and the law
    * Module 5:          Lessons for the governance of novel areas of science and new technologies

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Posted on 04/05/2010

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