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"Specification and Development of Neural Circuitry" Thursday 12th December 2013, Trinity Hall, Cambridge


What: "Specification and Development of Neural Circuitry"

When: Thursday 12th December 2013

Where: Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

The focus of this one day symposium is the development of neural networks, from neurogenesis to the formation of circuits underlying behaviour. This symposium marks the 70th birthday of Cambridge Neuroscientist Mike Bate, whose contributions to developmental neuroscience have been very influential. It will bring together a community of scientists with a shared interest in the development of nervous systems and with a connection to Mike. Covering a range of model systems and several generations of researchers, we hope to celebrate and explore how genetic information and developmental mechanisms direct the formation of neural networks.

Application deadline: 31st October 2013.



Posted on 16/10/2013

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