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Calling the Science Communicators of Cambridge Neuroscience

Nominations for the 2010 British Science Association Award Lectures are now open.

The Award Lectures are prestigious awards presented to young scientists who are particularly gifted at presenting their research to a non-specialist audience. The selected Award Lecturers are  invited to present at the British Science Festival from 14- 19 September 2010 in Birmingham.  The British Science Festival attracts tens of thousands of people and generates thousands of column inches in the national, regional and international press.  The Award Lectures tend to receive excellent publicity and are a very popular component of the programme among a wide audience.  The Awards gives the rare opportunity to honour five professional scientists or engineers in the early stages of their career, who show outstanding skills in communication to a non-specialist audience.


There are five different Award categories:

Joseph Lister Award - Social sciences
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award - Engineering, technology and industry
Charles Lyell Award - Environmental sciences
Charles Darwin Award - Agricultural, biological and medical sciences
Lord Kelvin Award - Physical sciences and mathematics

Nominees should be professional scientists or engineers who show outstanding skills in communicating to a non-specialist audience. They must be aged 40 or under on 19 September 2010 and be available to attend the British Science Festival in Birmingham, 14-19 September 2010 at Aston University.


Nominations close Friday 26th February 2010.

For further information please click here.

Posted on 09/12/2009

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