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News from Edinburgh Neuroscience

Meetings in Edinburgh

Scottish TSE Network
Is Alzheimer's Disease a transmissible disease?
Monday 12th November 2012
The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush Research Campus, Midlothian, Scotland

Open to all researchers (not just Scotland!) - there is a great line-up of international and UK speakers

Edinburgh Neurology Society

Neuroscience to Neurology: National Undergraduate Conference 2013
Saturday 26th January 2013
Chancellor's Building, University of Edinburgh, Little France, Edinburgh, UK

Especially for undergraduates - medical and basic!

Cambridge Neuroscientist Professor John Pickard will be speaking at this conference.

Edinburgh Clinical Academic Training

3rd Edinburgh Clinical Research Methodology Course

21st and 22nd February 2013

John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls, Edinburgh, UK

The objective of this two-day course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the methods and frameworks currently required to perform cutting-edge clinical research.  Registration is now open and it has a great list of speakers so check out the programme

Posted on 28/09/2012

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