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Psy-Fi and SciScreen* present the 2012 Film Festival on ‘Compulsion’

Psy-Fi and SciScreen* present the 2012 Film Festival on ‘Compulsion’

Compulsion (noun): a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act, especially one that is irrational or contrary to one’s will.

Are you interested in what drives people to act compulsively, but want to learn about it in an informal, friendly, yet theatrical setting? If so, then join us for the 2012 Film Festival on ‘Compulsion’, running between March 13th-18th at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse. We’ll be showing three fantastic films (Vertigo, Black Swan and Croupier) with accessible introductions by speakers from the University of Cambridge. Discover what drives phobic behaviour with Dr Tim Dalgleish, the devastating nature of eating disorders with Sigal Spigel, and the dark world of gambling addiction with Dr Luke Clark. Plus, Dr Sarah Barrow will discuss Hitchcock as a filmmaker, and Trish Sheil will introduce ‘Croupier’ as a British neo-noir film.

See our website ( for details on dates, times, and how to book. Click here to see a poster advertising the event.

*SciScreen uses film as a way to engage the public with science and is organised by the Cambridgeshire Branch of the British Science Association.

Posted on 05/03/2012

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