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BNA 2021 - Try before you buy!


We invite you backstage to the International Festival of Neuroscience! 

Not sure the Festival's for you? From 5th April you can access the online Festival platform for a taster of what the International Festival of Neuroscience is all about! 

> See how the Festival’s been converted to being an online conference
> Look around the platform
> Check out what’s on offer in the programme (both during the Festival, and for 4 months afterwards)
> See who’s giving talks
> Explore the full list of posters
> Visit exhibitors pages and view their offerings

You can access the platform from 5th April by clicking on the link below:

Whet your appetite?

Once you’ve decided you want full access to the talks, networking, exhibitors, posters, discussion groups and more, then register here! Remember, it’s not just 4 days: recorded content will continue to be available on-demand for four months afterwards.

Posted on 01/04/2021

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