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Get Lost! Navigating the Brain - This month's Naked Neuroscience Podcast is out!

The latest Naked Neuroscience Podcast is now available online. Entitled Get Lost! Navigating the Brain, it features Dr Hannah Critchlow and a host of Neuroscientists from Cambridge and beyond and forms part of the Naked Neuroscience podcast. Click here to hear interviews and segments with Hugo Spiers, Rusty Gage, David Weston and Barry Everitt.


Combining virtual reality and treadmills to map navigation in the brain. We ask how starlings flock in such a synchronised murmuration. And in the news, inducing creativity by electrically tweaking human brains, how video games could help national security, plus we find out what’s been keeping Professor Gage up all night!

Posted on 12/04/2013

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