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What does Twitter have to do with the human brain?

Calling all Tweeting Cambridge Neuroscientists to help at our Evening Public Lecture by communicating neuroscience to their Twitter networks during Prof Ed Bullmore's lecture on the 17th March,18.30 - 19.30 pm at the Babbage Lecture Hall.

Wifi is available in the lecture hall so why not bring your laptop? Mobile phone internet access is also available here.

This public lecture concludes our popular annual Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar event.

We like to think the human brain is special, something different from other brains and information processing systems, but a Cambridge Neuroscience professor is set to test that assumption – by conducting a live experiment using Twitter.

Speaking at Cambridge Science Festival next week, Professor Ed Bullmore will describe how new ways of looking at the network organisation of the human brain show that it has a surprising amount in common with the worm brain, computer chips, stock markets, and many other complex systems.

Members of the audience and other Twitter users will be encouraged to tweet about the brain and other networks, both before, and during Ed's lecture, using the tag #csftwitterbrain, and at the end of his talk Professor Bullmore will show how the resulting Twitter network can be compared to the human brain network.


Professor Bullmore's talk "Brains, minds and their connectivity" is on Thursday, March 17 from 6.30-7.30 pm at the Babbage Lecture Theatre, University of Cambridge. Free, suitable for ages 16+.

The talk is part of the Cambridge Science Festival, the UK's largest free science festival. It runs from March 14-27 with more than 150 mostly free events.

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Posted on 16/03/2011

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