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Department of Biotechnology, India, and MRC: Joint Centre Partnerships - Neuroscience Call

Restricted Call: Department of Biotechnology, India, and MRC: Joint Centre Partnerships

DBT and MRC seek to fund three centre partnerships that are designed to build on pre-existing collaborations between research teams based in the UK and India and last 3 years. The funders expect to make an award in each of the following themes:

  1. Cancer Biology
  2. Translational regenerative medicine in neuroscience
  3. Antimicrobial resistance, especially resistance to antibiotics

Centres may undertake a variety of activities including: joint research projects; exchanges; establishment of adjunct faculty positions at the partner centres; sharing key resources; symposia, workshops and seminars; equipment that will support the joint research project.

Restricted Call: The sponsors will only fund one centre in each of the three themes, this call will therefore be coordinated according to the University’s Restricted Calls Procedure:

Eligibility: Awards will only be made to existing centres or consortia and UK and Indian partners must be able to demonstrate evidence of pre-existing and on-going collaborative activity and that they are in receipt of both MRC and DBT funding. Applicants should contact MRC in advance to check eligibility.

Funding: Up to £3.5M is available from each funder. This will translate to approximately £1.16M per centre from the MRC and matched by the DBT.

Compulsory Expression of Interest: If you are interested in submitting an application, please send an Expression of Interest stating your name, department and the summary of your proposal (no more than 1 paragraph) to by 14 August 2014. This will allow potential synergies to be identified and applicants to be put in touch with one another.

Internal Selection: If selection is required, applicants will be asked to submit the attached internal selection form, together with a letter of support from their Head of Department to by 21 August 2014.

Funder Deadline: 29 September 2014 (16:00)

Dr Rhys Morgan

Research Strategy Office

University of Cambridge

The Old Schools

Trinity Lane

Cambridge CB2 1TT

01223 332263

Posted on 06/08/2014

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