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Rogue-Resolutions announce BrainBox Initiative

Free Symposium

16th January 2017

New York

Rogue-Resolutions are very excited to announce the first event from BrainBox Initiative, a satellite day directly after NYC Neuromodulation 2017 on Jan 16th in New York. This event provides a platform for young neuroscientists to share their latest research findings and demonstrate the multimodal techniques they used.

You or colleagues you know may be going to NYC Neuromodulation 2017 and this symposium would make a great extension to this. Alternatively delegates can attend this day on it's own. The BrainBox Initiative Symposium is free to attend and filling up so book your ticket now to guarantee your place.

The full timetable is available to view on the link above and includes the following talks:


Michael Banissy, Goldsmiths, University of London (Keynote Speaker)

"Moving beyond good for all or bad for all models of transcranial current stimulation: the importance of individual variation."

Sara Tremblay, McGill University

"Pulse parameters matter: the use of cTMS to improve selectivity of neural targeting."


James Bonaiuto, University College London

"Using computational neurostimulation to bridge between behaviour, neurophysiology and experimental modalities."


Siddharth Kohli, University of Manchester

"Towards closed-loop tES: phase matching tACS with ongoing EEG activity."


Roch Comeau, Rogue Research Inc. 

"Neuronavigation for TMS: past, present and future."

Helen Nuttall, University of Lancaster

"Studying sensorimotor integration during speech perception using TMS and EEG."

Posted on 24/11/2016

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