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Neuroscience and the Arts – One day Workshop in Cambridge- Friday, 12th of October 2012

How can neuroscience help us to understand the artistic process?

Is there really a divide between Neuroscience and the Arts?

How to take pleasure in a work of Art?

Can you take pleasure in a scientific discovery about how the brain works?

Do they help you to understand yourself or the world better?

Workshop website

On the 12th of October we will be exploring the modern relationship between Arts and Neuroscience.

The event will take place in the Elton-Bowring Room, at Clare College Memorial Court. Cambridge, UK.

We have a line-up of four amazing speakers all of whom have hands-on experience in Arts and Neurosciences.

Moreover, we will be creating our own Neuroscience art pieces with an Artist teacher.

This Workshops is supported by, and funded almost completely through the Atkinson Fund, Clare College.

Posted on 26/09/2012

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