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Cambridge placed as the top European Institution in Neuroscience and Behaviour

Cambridge University ranks as the top Institution in Europe for Neuroscience and Behaviour research as reported in the Times Higher Education on the 20th January, 2011. In total 46,900 Institutions were investigated for their impact factor (citations per paper) over the last decade of publications in this field. By ranking Institutions based on impact factor rather than by total number of papers published, the Times Higher Education sought to reveal the ‘heavy hitters based on per-paper influence, not mere output or total citations’.

This analysis places Cambridge as the most influential Institute for Neuroscience and Behaviour research in Europe, with an impact factor of 33.62 (publishing 2,237 papers in this field, with 75,201 citations in total). Second in the ranking came University College London (32.07 impact factor) followed by the Max Planck Society (31.65 impact factor).

The analysis covered the period 1st January 2000 to 31st August 2010 and surveyed journal articles (original research reports and review articles) indexed by Thomson Reuters with articles assigned to a category based on the journals in which they were published and the Thomson Reuters journal-to-category field-definition scheme.



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Posted on 20/01/2011

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