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EOI invited to take part in the R&D phase of ‘Of Mice and Men’, a WT supported project

Invitation to submit an expression of interest to take part in the R&D phase of ‘Of Mice and Men’, a Wellcome Trust supported project
Animate Projects has recently been awarded a Small Arts Award by the Wellcome Trust to research and develop a new art and science project, Of Mice and Men, that partners scientists working at the intersection of veterinary and human biomedical science with artists working with animation.
Of Mice and Men will be a project that will reach a large audience both online and through gallery exhibition that addresses the matter of how research can be conveyed using artistry for the benefit of scientists and the public. We want to provoke discussion amongst the scientific community around alternative ways that research can be shared with non-specialist audiences. We aim to arouse the public’s interest in cell biology research through the exhibition of animated work, given that animation is such a dynamic and accessible medium.

As part of the R&D phase we will be running a lab afternoon with around twelve artists and six scientists that will be an opportunity for dialogue and for initiating conversations around what a collaborative project might be. Up to six of these collaborative proposals will be taken forward in producing an application for a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award.
For more information about the project please visit:

·       Based in the UK

·       Able to contribute to the lab afternoon in the autumn in London, introducing your work and research area to the group, participating in dialogue and activities with other scientists and artists

·       Available during September to December 2014 to take part in the R&D process

·       Willingness to share data to stimulate an artistic response

·       Open to new ways of thinking

·       Willing to take part in evaluation at the end of the R&D period

·       An interest in being part of the larger project in 2014/1

Skills and experience

·       Established professional practice in the wider biomedical field

·       Interest in science communication and novel approaches to it

·       Interest in, and aptitude for, developing innovative art and science projects

·       Experience or an aptitude for working collaboratively with artists or scientists

Benefits to you

·       Broader and novel exposure for your research

·       Exciting, dynamic and unique application of your research

·       Challenging and stimulating interactions

·       Developing new communication skills

·       Receive feedback from alternative research areas

·       Networking opportunities

·       Excellent CPD material

·       Opportunity to work on an artistic project

For participation in the R&D phase there will be a fee of £200. Animate will also cover reasonable travel and accommodation expenses for scientists from outside of London to take part in the R&D lab afternoon.
How to apply
If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest, please send to

·       A brief biography

·       An abstract relating to your work (200 words or less, visual data encouraged)

·       An outline of why you are interested in this project and how you would approach the lab day (no longer than 200 words)

Please send your expression by Thursday 22 August, 5pm.
Any questions please do email Abigail at
Animate Projects produces excellent projects with exceptional artists and partners that connect curious audiences to the craft of animation (visit:

The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. Allied to this is a commitment to develop and support activities that stimulate interest, learning and dialogue on biomedical research and the questions it raises for societies (visit:

Posted on 08/08/2013

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