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Announcing the Publication of 'The Neurobiology of Addiction,'

A Royal Society Publication, October 2008.

Informing the Science of the Future

Organised and Edited by Cambridge Neuroscientists; Professor Trevor Robbins and Professor Barry Everitt with Professor David Nutt from the University of Bristol.

This Issue is concerned with the neural basis of addiction to drugs, including nicotine and alcohol, and also of the ‘behavioural’ addictions , to gambling and eating. Some common neural and neurochemical substrates are identified, in terms of underlying brain structures and chemical messengers, such as the neurotransmitter dopamine.

The genetic basis of addiction in animals and human subjects is also considered, and some likely personality or behavioural traits, such as impulsivity and reductions in brain dopamine receptors, which may predispose to addiction are considered. The consequences of certain forms of addiction on brain function and cognition are  identified, and finally current pharmaceutical  approaches to the treatment are surveyed.

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Posted on 07/10/2008

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