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The Inflamed Mind on Radio 4 with Ed Bullmore - Wed 24th @9pm

BBC health reporter James Gallagher explores the increasing body of evidence that a dysfunctional immune system is responsible for the depression or psychotic illness experienced by many thousands of people in the UK. James talks to the psychiatrists investigating this new understanding of mental illness and to people who may benefit from new and old treatments aimed at their immune cells rather than their brain cells.

"I believe this is one of the strongest discoveries in psychiatry in the last twenty years", says Professor Carmine B of the his and other research on the immune system and depression. " It allows us to understand depression no longer as just a disorder of the mind and not even a disorder of the brain, but a disorder of the whole body. It shifts conceptually what we understand about depression."

Professor Ed Bullmore (pictured) from the Department of Psychiatry will be interviewed and will be speaking about the Wellcome Trust Consortium for Neuroimmunology of Mood Disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease. Listen in at 9pm on Wednesday 24th August or catch up here.

Read a preview on BBC News - 'Depression: A revolution in treatment' with comments from Ed Bullmore here.

Posted on 23/08/2016

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