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Andy Calder, 1965-2013

Our much-loved colleague Andy Calder died unexpectedly on the last weekend of October 2013. Andy was a great friend and colleague to all of us at the CBU. He was a deep thinker, a rigorous experimenter, and an inspiration for those who worked alongside him. A dedicated scientist, Andy’s first commitment was always to the quality of his research. He set high intellectual and academic standards that were an inspiration to those around him. For Andy, the science came first: his dedication to doing the science right was matched by his complete lack of interest in self-promotion.

Across his career, Andy worked on understanding the psychological and neural basis of vital aspects of social cognition such as how emotion is perceived and experienced, and how faces are recognized. Over recent years he and his colleagues used insights from his own fundamental research to understand the basis for atypical social cognition in groups including individuals with conduct disorder and those with autistic traits. In each of these areas, Andy published work of the highest international standard, and his contribution will continue to frame research in his field through his team’s continuing work and the broader research community.

We will miss him more than we can say,

Sue Gathercole, Director of MRC CBU


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Posted on 01/11/2013

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