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Women’s brains are hardwired differently to men, or are they?

neon brainA discussion about the difference in the wiring of men’s and women’s brains takes place today at the Univeristy of Cambridge. It is part of Cambridge Science Festival - the UK’s biggest free science festival.

'Is there a female brain?' will be led by Melissa Hines, Professor of Psychology at the University of Cambridge. Discussion will also be opened up to the floor.

The sell-out event takes place at Lucy Cavendish College, Univeristy of Cambridge today at 5pm.

Melissa Hines is a professor specialising in gender development, with a particular interest in how hormones shape brain development and behaviour.

Two other Cambridge academics will also take part. Dr Sabine Bahn is a lecturer at Cambridge Neuroscience with specialist interests in mental health. Dr Terri Apter is a psychologist, writer and senior tutor at Newnham College, Cambridge.

The academics are expected to argue that recent neuroscientific findings show that the female and male brain are hardwired for behavioural differences and that this hardwiring explains trend differences in social and occupational roles.

The discussion may also explore whether these arguments are steeped in gender bias, and ways of assessing evidence about gender differences and similarities fairly and reasonably.

Posted on 16/03/2011

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