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Funding Pre-announcement - Restricted Call: NERC Capital Call 2019


NERC has issued a pre-announcement for a call for proposals for capital assets (for science, innovation, estates, IT and/or facilities), for which NERC has allocated up to £3 million.


All the information currently available is summarised below:

·    Each proposal will be for a minimum value of £100,000, but not exceeding a combined total value of £300,000.

·    Proposals should demonstrate how the capital asset would support world-class environmental science, aligned with NERC's science remit and create / build on a new capability not simply maintaining an existing capability. Proposals that cannot demonstrate strategic benefit to NERC science or do not significantly enhance scientific capability are not likely to be supported.

·    Assets supported by this call will enhance current capability, applicants must provide evidence as to why they cannot use existing capability. NERC expects the equipment we fund to be actively used and available to other researchers through equipment sharing arrangements, ensuring that the best possible value is gained from NERC capital investments.

·    To avoid duplication of equipment and to ensure future NERC-supported assets enhance current capability, applicants are expected to justify why the equipment requested is required and not currently available. As such, applicants should check all relevant sources to determine whether the capital asset they are requesting is currently available; for example, applicants should confirm that the asset is not already available for use within the host research organisation, or at any other accessible location by making reference to relevant asset registers.

·    Applicants must also consider whether their requested asset was funded by NERC under previous NERC capital calls (under 'Funding awards'). Applicants should also check availability of equipment registered on the national equipment database- external link and other equipment sharing databases, to determine whether the asset being requested is already available for equipment sharing.

·    Grants are expected to commence on 1 October 2019 and end by 31 March 2020.


University Internal Selection Process


The call will be restricted to a maximum of two proposals (per Research Organisation and NERC Research Centres). Therefore, it will be managed according to the University's restricted calls policy.


The call is expected to be launched at some point in June 2019 with a deadline for proposals on the 23rd of July 2019. Given the short deadline, we wanted to flag this to you as soon as possible.


As soon as the call is launched we will send all the details of the University Internal Selection Process.


Please, contact us should you have any question, at


Posted on 08/07/2019

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