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Computational Cell Biology Conference

Date: 10 - 13th February, 2010,

Venue: Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

The specific goal for this meeting is to foster fruitful and creative dialogs between experimental cell biologists and mathematical - computational modellers with common interests in the regulation of cell physiology. Emphasis will be placed on areas of greatest current interest and importance, such cell signalling, motility, cell proliferation and death, calcium dynamics, microbial physiology, and development. Sessions will also be devoted to new experimental technologies and software developments.

Tentative Topics:

-    Biochemical circuits
-    Intracellular signalling
-    New tools & software
-    Self-organization in cells
-    Cell motility
-    Patterns in development
-    Cell biophysics

Organising Committee
Dennis Bray, University of Cambridge, UK
Nicolas Le Novere, EMBL/EBI, Wellcome Trust, UK
Leslie Loew, University of Connecticut Health Center, USA

Keynote Speakers:

James Ferrell, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
Ben Scheres, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Discussion Leaders:
Karsten Kruse, University of Saalandes, Germany
Nicolas Le Novere, EMBL/EBI, Wellcome Trust, UK
Bela Mulder, FOM Institute for Atomic & Molecular Physics, The Netherlands
Francois Nedelec, EMBL, Germany
Jan Traas, Ecole Normale Superleure de Lyon, France
Michael White, University of Liverpool, UK
Contact: Jemma Beard, Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences, + (0)1223 495120

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Posted on 14/12/2009

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