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MQ: Transforming Mental health - 2014 MQ Fellows Programme

MQ: Transforming Mental Health.

New funding opportunity

MQ is pleased to announce our 2014 MQ Fellows Programme. The Programme aims to support the most promising early career scientists and clinicians who are asking challenging questions that will contribute to transformative advances in mental health research. MQ is seeking the best and brightest researchers, who are newly independent or finalising their transition to independence.  The Programme is open to Applicants from all scientific disciplines and around the world.  

We are now calling for applications, which will be reviewed by our MQ Fellows Committee. The deadline is 24th April 2014. This year, the application process has 2 stages, and the initial stage is a Letter of Intent. For more information about the Programme click here and for information about how to apply click here.

Please forward this notification to friends, colleagues and researchers or display our flyer in your Department.

MQ is a UK-based charity focused on identifying and funding research key to solving global issues in mental health.  With start-up funding provided by the Wellcome Trust, we aim to harness the power of a community of researchers, doctors, service users, families, advocates and funders to achieve this goal. 


To read more about MQ: Transforming Mental Health, click here or visit our website

Posted on 20/02/2014

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